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Memphis Grizzlies

What a season, r/MemphisGrizzlies!

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Hey everyone,

On behalf of the mod team here I'd like to say thank you to you all for a fantastic season on the subreddit, one of the most successful seasons in franchise history as well as a record season for growth within the subreddit.

Even though it didn't end with the team getting a chip, we can all be proud of what the team have accomplished this season, I'm sure no one had us down as finishing as the second best team in the league!

On a personal note, I got to see the Grizzlies play live for the first time in Brooklyn, and come away with an emphatic victory, something that gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. I'll make it over to Memphis one day.

I'd like to thank the whole mod team for their support this season, especially during the postseason when things got a bit chippy, we worked together to come up with a system and it worked. Also, I think we can all agree that u/ThisUserEatingBEANS is an absolute legend for creating u/FirstTeamAllBOT.


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