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Grizzly player rankings through Week 5

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23 minutes ago, Grizzfan7979 said:

I've noticed it too. Players won't pass the ball to him sometimes because they think he'll take and miss the shot or make a mistake. Jenkins apparently doesn't see it. It is much more noticeable in 4th quarters. They don't trust him yet in big spots.

Yes some one should recommend a good optician for TJ :)

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5 hours ago, FrenchGrizzlies said:

No you missunderstand me. I think ZW can become a good player, he seems fearless. I just consider that we should not give him allthe minute he got  currently and let him play on a regualr basis with the Husstle to make him improving.

Yesyerday for me was interesting. When the score was tight, i see several time ZW alone in great position and other player hesitating to pass him the ball , considering probably that hos shoot is still not good enough, specially at 3.  

but he may be a great player in the future.

Alright makes more sense to me now. 

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