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Whoever wins a first round matchup between the Lakers and Grizzlies has a great shot at getting to the Finals.  LeBron is the living legend.  A man on a mission but I can see Ja coming back as the kid shot out of a cannon. Both teams can get it going inside and out.  Both have rim protectors.   

Bucks should come out of the East but I am not gonna count out the Raptors.  Just a super solid team and Big Marc is sublime.  If Siakam gets his second wind then he could the the force of nature on the other side of the bracket.  

The fifth team in my Brave New Playoffs power poll is the Pocket Rockets.  They could either get swept by 30 in the first round or double up a team 200-100 in a random playoff game.  Another “high variable” team that can catch fire quickly. This maddening defense led by Robert Covington and PJ Tucker is something to deal with.  Russ can get scrappy too.  

Best for the league?  Ja man. Ja.  He shows out and is is one of the (if not THE) FutureMan of the Future.  Luka seems to be headed that way.  If there is a big 3 or 4 four then that’s two right there.  Zion can get there too but he needs to lose weight, get in shape, go for it, and whip it good (this offseason). 

I am a Jordan guy and of course the Dream Team was the apex of basketball, or sports, of life, of the entirety of the universal experience but it’s time to move on.  LeBron is the here and now.  The Lakers are the team you love to loathe.  The Geeek Freak’s historical epoch might just be today.  Ja and Luka and Zion, the limitless future of infinite possibilities starts when you want it to.

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