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Let's Talk About The Bozo Driving This Bus

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8 hours ago, bhoyal said:

See: Pat Buchanan from the Nixon era

See: Lee Atwater from 1988

This stuff is not new.

Apparently not. I didn’t do a deep dive, but browsed enough to get the gist. Thanks

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Tortured logic from the wingnut lawyer who wrote the It's-OK-for-Americans-to-Torture-People legal memos. (The last Republican administration, Bush junior, needed bad-guy justification for their floundering, deceitful Middle East Wars and their failure to heed the Bin Laden warnings before 9/11. Its a wonder the wingnuts didn't waterboard folks after the Bush Republicans crashed the economy at the end of his "leadership.")

Religious insane want in on the blame:

Justice Clarence Thomas
Justice Samuel Alito
Justice Neil Gorsuch
Justice Brett Kavanaugh
Justice Amy Coney Barrett

How bad does it have to get? How many have to die? Are churches, like businesses, going to fail if they can't have large gatherings?

Many churches are full of rational adults, but many are not.

I'd like to believe that most religious wingnuts are getting with the facemask program. But I listen to wingnut radio and I know that is not true yet. Trump & Company have done a number on those folks. Their suspicion of persecution has infected their judgement. They will fight the oppressive masks even if they have to go underground to do it.

Those Justices know about the behavior of their anti-science brethren. The Justices are causing people to die. Trump is causing people to die.

That's why I'm so proud to say:


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The Electoral College was a compromise designed to placate the slaveholding southern states who feared that a majority would end their evil enterprise. We are burdened with that system today because it favors one party over the other. It favors Republicans.

The way we conduct elections also favors the Republicans. They want to reduce the number of voters. That's why they want to limit voting to in-person, one day, a work day.

Originally, for many days after the election, starting with Trump's expected, premature, preemptive victory speech early on election night, wingnuts were shouting, "Stop the Count." That was a bust, so later it became "Stop the Fraud."

Their 40-something post-election "fraud" lawsuits are going down in embarassingly harsh flames of deceipt, incompetence and corruption, so the new stuff comes dancing in. For wingnuts, the old is new. They're going back to the tried and true.

"Stop the Count" and "Stop the Fraud" put them in the gutter with dishonesty on display. "Count the Legal Votes" claims the high ground. It works for wingnuts to preserve their persecution complex, to demonize the Democrats and to camouflage the campaign for voting in-person, one day, a work day. (Personally, I prefer "Uncount the Vote.")

One of those "fraud" cases was a prize wingnut wingding. They wanted to prove the fraud with a giant pile of affidavits. These affidavits are statements that the teller swears to be true, "so help them God." I guess affidavits are what lawyers use when they ain't go no real proof.

When the wingnut lawyers presented the affidavits to the judge, he asked them, "Is this all the affidavits?" He's a judge and they're lawyers so they had to tell the truth. They said something like, "No your honor, before we gave you that big pile of sworn affidavits, we removed a big pile of the sworn affidavits that were _obvious_ lies."

The problem with the lies, I mean affidavits, along with other embarrassing issues, caused the judge to put the case in the giant pile of dismissed, denied, settled or withdrawn.

Wingnut lawyers, in cahoots with Trump to collaborate the conjob, may help their careers by lying to the public but they end their careers by lying to a judge. So, in front of microphones, the wingnuts claim fraud and massive theft, while in front of a judge they are forced to admit the truth and say things like, "there is no evidence of fraud, misconduct or impropriety."

"Fraud" is a flameout so its back to the usual suspects. They allege that small technical errors demand the discarding of thousands, no, hundreds of thousands, no, millions of votes. Good luck with getting a judge to go in on that.

Meanwhile, who really cheated?

Trump encouraged his voters to vote on election day and a judge found that the US Postal Service was harming mail-in voters especially in Democratic areas.

One of the red flags to world-wide free election monitors is a candidate that outperforms the polls.

The 2016 election was closer than this one and Clinton conceded on election night.


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I was wrong.

I thought that Trump would lose by the amount predicted in the preelection polls. Because it was so close, it appears that Trump's Machiavellian scheming caused him to become what he dreads most, a loser. He did it to himself. To win, all he had to do was act like a person who cared about others. Instead he made a decission to use the virus to keep the office and protect himself from prosecution.

The wingnut media has also admitted that they were wrong.  

There's a new message from the media profiteers who predicted a Trump landslide and from religious leaders who claimed that God spoke to them and promised a Trump victory. Yes, you guessed it. These folks now admit they were wrong ... in not understanding the true devilish nature of the Democrats. (Hahaha, and we thought they would never face reality.)

Trump is not some evil genius. His plans were clear all year. Wingnut lawyers can be bought, no problem, but could he whip up the thug clubs? He had their love, but what about their feets in the streets?

How many wingnuts were at the assault on Congress, tens, maybe hundreds of thousands? Probably only a small percentage planned to storm the Capitol buildings. Of that small number, how many wingnuts planned to capture and take hostage our elected officials? Probably a tiny percentage planned to participate in that terror.

It appears that Trump acually believed that he could pressure Republican state election officials to lie, to commit fraud, to falsely find Democratic election theft. If your eyes have been open to the true Trump, you are not surprized by the mind of the gangster.

Its also not surprizing that many citizen-to-citizen Trump talks eventually arrive at the gangster grounds, the reasoning that "they all do it."

That's why so many people don't know who they are politically. They feel its not worth their time. Its not a left-right thing. Those folks are convinced that "they all do it."

Everyone who cares has heard at least part of the recording of Trump's hour-long threatening pressure on election officials in Georgia. We now know that there was another such call in December, so its reasonable to assume that there were other unsuccessful calls in other states to other officials, mostly Republicans. I applaud these Republican officials. They know who they are. They know what they believe. They care about the values that formed this country. They are true American patriots.

The wingnut media have been spoon feeding poison to their followers for a long, long time. Every so often something like this happens and these racketeering chefs de hate cuisine pull their pants up, rise out of their holes with shammed shows of shock as if to say, "What? Do people actually eat this stuff?"

Trump's plan to ignore the pandemic has been a raging success and his incitement of insurrection is finally beginning to payoff. What will happen next? Will they attack the inauguration, kidnap a Governor, assasinate officials, blow up innocent bystanders? Will half the police join the rebellion? Will there be larger efforts to sabotage the virus vaccine?

I know lots of people who are refusing Covid inoculation. Their minds have such a high amount of wingnut infection that there's no room for a life-saving vaccine.

Vaccine refusal, like mask refusal, maskerades as a freedom issue. I don't understand it. The best I can make out is that they don't believe that they will be harmed by the virus. They believe it's more likely that they will be instantly transported to Heaven before the soon-to-arrive apocalypse.

Nonwingnuts believe these issues transcend the individual. Wingnuts believe these issues transcend reality.

And, of course, the election was rigged, the virus is not real and the Government is lying to us because "they all do it."


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I remember the people who screwed up and voted for Nixon, claimed re Watergate:

a) he didn't do anything


b) they all do it,,, he just happened to get caught

How do you "not do it" and "did it and got caught" at the same time.  It was at that time I started to figure out how full of crap devotees/supporters of right wing politics are.  That and things like the innocent bystanders at Kent State being gunned down but "they deserved it, they were asking for it."

And the people who spread that crap raised their offspring(s) to be nut-jobs just like them.  Except for those of us who grew a brain and some balls and became able to think for ourselves and reject that feces. 

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Deep down in the deep state of the wingnut neuro-noodle, that thing they think with, is an ugly little monster. And sometimes they let him run the show. He's a murderous monster that most of us mastered long ago. He whispers, "Its OK."

In wingnut dreams, they should be shinning in a glorious national rebirth, instead they awoke in some filthy alley, head throbbing, needle dangling from an arm.

But not to worry, wingnuts. Your media will save you.

Aaaaah, wait a minute. Seriously? They're only working to rehab the terrorists at the top? I guess you wingnut ground pounders are cannon fodder. Those who poisoned you, finger you.

Did the loyal wingnut troopers believe that after setting some examples with public executions, that Trump would give them jobs in the new regime? It's more likely that he'd play the strongman savior and, for the good of the country, heroically declare martial law and have most of them hanged. As in most things Trump, loyalty is a one-way street.

Its Rehab-The-Terrorist Time, Mr Producer. Play cut number 1.

No, no, not that, not "Revolution." That's peacenik propaganda. Play "Rehash the Red Meat" or "Shoot the Messenger." Let's talk abortion, stain the FBI and smear real news media.

We want to wave a hand and omit the treason, shut out the subversion, set aside the sedition and ignore the gore because these are not the droids you are looking for. Er, I mean, we love them. They are special people. And its now time to throw them under the bus.

Trump on how to win wingnuts and influence revolutionaries: Mentally transport them to a tremendous hotel where self-importance and self-destruction merge. They're ready for "training" when these videos constantly loop in their minds:

"Alright Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up"

"Made it ma! Top of the World!"

The FBI must seperate the evil, murderous wingnuts from the everyday, average, Trump-trained wingnuts: the dupes, the chumps, the patsies, the pigeons, the pushovers, the saps, the tools and the fools.

It requires special equipment to "get into" the wingnut mind.




Wingnut realtor,
Jenna Ryan,
she's a

When Texas realtor/talk show host Jenna Ryan boarded that private jet to the Capitol, little did she know that she would be traveling through other dimensions, dimensions not only of sight and sound but of mind. Between science and superstition lie the 3 wingnut dimensions of insurrection.

1. Idiot-ism

"We are going to f------ go in here. Life or death, it doesn’t matter. Here we go," (while wearing the Trump souvenirs she just bought down the street.)

2. I-Didn't-Do-It-ism

Uh oh, you've seen a video of me doing it. Oh, you've seen _my_ video of me doing it. Well then ...

3. I-Bare-No-Guilt-But-I-Deserve-a-Pardon-ism

Maybe soon the wingnut media and legislators will stop stirring the pot and Trump will make heartfelt efforts to stop Americans from killing each other.


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Repeat a lie often enough.

"We know the Steele dossier was a fraud."

"We know that the Russia investigation was a hoax."

Soon, we will see these p----s of s--t for the scum sucking liars that they are.


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And here's to you, virus-spreading wingnuts.

We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files.

Look around you, all you see are sympathic eyes.

Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

Jesus loves you (dumb f**ks) more than you will ever know.

Hidding in a hidding place where noone ever goes.

Most of all, you've got to hide it from the kids.

Its a little secret, just ...

(Kids know your secret and that's what this is about, the truth of your world.)

Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey hey hey. ( But hell waits for those who plot to kill.)

Kill Joltin Joe, he's seen his days, I want my freedom.


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I don't know how they do it.

Me. I'm haunted by even listening them talk about it.

I'm in the car. I dial in a nationwide wingnut radio show. The wingnut cheerleader is talking about Covid and masks. He says that its obvious that masks are a Commie plot and they don't work against the virus. He says look at all the idiots wearing masks and the virus continues to spread.

Before there is even a commercial break, the very next thing is a wingnut woman caller who talks about refusing to wear a mask unless forced and even then she pulls it down below her nose. The wingnut cheerleader gets all excited, "You do that too. That's what I do. Ha ha ha."

These people can convince themselves of anything, logic does not enter into it. I hope they reap what they sow.


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Darwin's Law is getting a real life test right now. 

And people should stop using the phrase "avoid it like the plaque" because apparently a large number of people don't do that. 

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"We're riders on the storm."

"There's a killer on the road."

I hope that Democrats will be able to spread the word and make it known that we are at a dark divide. The hard work must be done. While recognizing the danger, they have to plot a course through the interests without profit to themselves.

Trump just declared "olly olly oxen free" on many of the "drain the swamp" folks. He made some rules at the beginning that he is ending at the end.

Surprise, surprise.

The folks who worked for Trump, they can all come out now, they can show their true selves (without worry of losing Qanon brownie Points.)

They can immediately ignore regulations that govern how lawmakers and regulaters can profiteer.

Destroy regulations = destroy environment

You can't have it all. You can't maximize profit and protect the environment that suffers from the profit. There has to be a balance. But how can you have a reasonable discussion about the balance if there is constant, dishonest attack on the premise for the discussion.

There are always payed actors. Folks have jobs. As best they can, they represent their employers interest. Sometimes that goes against their true personal interests and the interest of the whole.

Yes, I said it, the whole. The pandemic has brought it out.

"We'll Always Have Paris."

But we have to face the real future.

I hope "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


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Unconstitutional. That's what the wingnuts say.

Holding a Trump trial is uncontitutional because his alleged crimes occurred during a time period when the President is not accountable to the people's representatives and so the people.

Lots of wingnuts are experts on the Constitution, (which is to say that they know the part about owning military assault weapons.) These experts believe that our country's founders, who had just overturned the tyranny of a king, wanted to give an end-of-term timeout to Presidents.

Hey President, during your last months you can do whatever you want. We suspend the rules for you, big guy or gal. Want to steal an election? We think its fine, if its on time.

This is the blabber you get from wingnut media Constitution experts. These are the folks who, for Trump, ignored the explicit Constitutional rule against Presidents receiving profit from foreigners. Trump raked in millions while his lawyers delayed and delayed, until the case recently hit the Supremes and the wingnuts there said, "Uh oh, he is no longer President so we don't have squat to say about it." It pays to put your people in place and have lots of time, power and the country paying for your team of lawyers.

Next up in the wingnut agenda: There is evidence that the insurrection was planned. (Like that's a suprize.) So ... Trump's speech on insurrection day could not have been incitement. Case closed. Let's go home. That aurgument is embarrassing to hear from a lawyer's mouth, but it's media propaganda time so they can say anything. The fact is the opposite, because Trump began beating the "stolen election" drum months before the election. One thing does not exclude the other. Way back, even I wrote about Trump trying to incite the idiots. So, it was obvious.

The wingnut talking heads sound so serious but, come on, these two arguments are so silly that behind the scenes you know they're laughing.

Our founding fathers believed, according the emoluments clause of the Constitution, that a President profiting from foreign interests is evidence of, or leads to, corruption.

Corruption. That's what this about. The problem is that Trump wears the label like a badge of honor. And the wingnut media continue to tell lie after lie to protect him. Welcome to the backward, bizzaro wingnut world.


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I listened to a lot of the Trump trial. Watched some of it.

OMG, what are the wingnuts gonna do?

They are cooked.

Ok, yeah, well, this is not reality we're talking about.

They're gonna lie, lie, lie to protect their guy.

The guy that can, politically, cook their goose and put their head in a noose.

You see, the wingnut voters at home don't watch stuff like that, you know, facts, evidence, that stuff. They only take their "reality" through hard-core, right-wing voices down the corridor, that dark desert highway.

For the idiot insurgents, there's no feast in the master's chambers, just time on the taxpayers dime. (We hope.)

And good riddance.

I wish we could say the same for the Congressional representatives who will overlook mutiny and murder in the name of political advancement.


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As I write this, closing statements are ongoing, after Trump has been forced to admit that he knew, early in the day, that his supporters were attacking the Capitol.

It is like some great Greek tragedy how Trump's arrogance took him to the top and now knocks him down.

You can't have a Greek tragedy without a Chorus to shine light on the action. A couple of the players are brave and patriotic women who are risking much. Among many others, Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Congresswoman Herrera Beutler value truth and honor.

On Friday, during the question period, this question came from centrist Republicans, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski.

(You and I know that Trump at least OK'ed the answer to their question and probably he directed it.)

"Exactly when did President Trump learn of the breach of the Capital and what specific actions did he take to bring the rioting to an end and when did he take them? Please be as detailed as possible."

The answer from Trump lawyer Micheal Van der Veen immediately went on the attack, in true Trump style:

"The House Managers have given us absolutely no evidence one way or another on that question."

Then, for some unknown reason, he refers to a week before the day of the insurection before getting to an evasive direct answer to the question:

"On the day we have a tweet at 2:38, so it was certainly some time before then."

And then he went he went back on the attack:

"With the rush to bring this impeachment there has been absolutly no investigation into that. And that's the problem with this entire preceeding, the House Mangers did zero investigation and the American people deserve a lot better than coming in here with no evidence, hearsay on top of hearsay on top of reports that are of hearsay. Due process was required here and that was denied."

Evidence, huh, well sometimes you get what you ask for.

As for Trump and the wingnuts, there is a sports saying, "We have only one person to blame, and that's each other."


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He's gone. I wonder where he went?

I remember his TV show, before he wisely started wearing suits. Back then, he wore brightly colored sweaters that made him look like a big, round balloon. That great Pretenders riff so fit the fatman waddling up to the mike.

He was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom for being completely unable to curb his appetites: for superiority, for hatred, for food, for wives, for tobacco and for opiates.

He was an ironweed, would have lasted 100 years if not for greed.

Thank you to the gods of self-indulgence, for the obesity that generally shortened his life, the Oxycontin that ravaged his hearing and voice, and the cigar addiction that thankful thumped the lying hatemonger.

He gave me a good laugh once. I was listening to his radio show the day a caller slipped past the screener and addressed him as Jabba-the-Hutt of American politics. By then he was too Oxy dazed and deaf to notice.

He applauded Tommy Chong going to prison for owning Head shops that sold pipes and other Marijuana paraphernalia, while at the same time he was doctor-hopping to get his large fix of Oxycontin.

He told big and fat lies.

The first big lie got him out of the Vietnam war, which he supported, I guess as long as he didn't have to go.

He had unending support for big corp., whether it was polluters or bomb-builders, he loved em.

He helped Bush (really Chenney) invade Iraq based on a public campaign of lies.

He loved Trump, even though the orangeman stole many of his best lines. His lies about Trump are too numerous to list, but he is partly responsible for the idiots who will do jail time for the insurrection.

Belittling uppity women and blacks was his kind of comedy.

His lies about Covid are like his lies about the environment, more obvious every day.

Rush, you pos, good riddance. The liars are lining up to take your place.


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I can't believe this thread is still active. 

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2 hours ago, chipc3 said:


I can't believe this thread is still active. 

There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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On 2/19/2021 at 6:32 PM, El Guapo said:

It’s my favorite one!

Thank you sir. You are a gentleman, a scholar and a man who knows his whxxes, ah, I mean horses.

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They used to try to hide this stuff, but the disciples-of-Trump care not about witnesses, only about breadth of broadcast. If the story meets the model, enough said, let's move on.

All this bs about limiting the vote to legal voters is rubish. Let's make it as hard as we can for poorer voters. Let's try to limit voting to in-person, one day, a work day.

Then, in states controlled by Republicans, let's make it difficult to vote on election day.

I remember 2000 on voting day when the media reported long lines outside of majority Democratic party voting precincts. Some thought this was a sign that Democrats were doing well.

In reality, it was a sign that Republicans were doing well. The lines were caused by voting machines that "mysteriously" failed in heavy Democratic precincts on election day. If you just got off an 8 hour shift and saw a hundred folks lined up at your precinct, what ya gonna do? And with the new rules you can't vote anywhere else.

This is, and has always been the plan: limit the legal vote. They might as well institute a "selective" poll tax.

There are lots of gotchas in the newly preposed laws, like only allowing poll workers to distribute food and water to voters in line, as though that would be an incentive to entice folks to vote.

Another is the ease of voter registration. The owner of a gun license tends to vote one way, the owner of a student ID tends to vote another, that's why one is a legal ID for registration and the other is not.

I don't know how this works but it does in 3 states. Wingnut state legislators witness THIS.

And it make them want to pass laws to protect folks.

Their morals, their consciense, their God modivates them to do WHAT:

pass laws that make it easier to run over protesters.

Consider the latest rioter laws along with the "stand your ground" laws. If there is an instance of property destruction at a big rally (Proud Boys should be mentioned here) it can be declared a riot and you can shoot folks (if you are a sadist-in-training like Kyle Rittenhouse.)

Meanwhile, the wingnut funded, wingnut-only attended Arizona recount uses UV light to determine why Big-G abandoned the Trumpster faithful. How can you expect your recount to be respected if you won't allow independent observers?

In other developments, will Rudy rat on the big cheese or will Gaetz get there first? It's an interesting dilema, one is 40 the other is 80. Which one has the most 17 year olds in their future? Which was the biggest cheerleader for Trump?

Wingnuts should just stop it. Stop claiming that they are the ones who are protecting freedom in America. IT IS THE OPPOSITE. Their interpretation of the 2nd amendment is not about freedom, but class maintenance. Now that wingnuts control the Supreme Court, "malitia" means gun sales. Seriously, they don't know what the amemdment literally says and they don't care.

70% of wingnuts believe Trump election lies. Winston Churchill said a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

One of Trump's main election lie lawyers, after being sued by a company she defamed, claims she is not accountable because no reasonable person would have believed her outlandish statements about Trump's victory. And yet these zealots who are waiting for the KRAKEN want the new laws to allow them to literally look over the shoulder of ballot counters.

Well what's the big deal, you might say, if it helps them win elections, all is fair in love and war.

No, it is a big deal to use the culture war to divide us on the environment and also the issue that has become a an environmental proxy fight, the covid wars. The high rate of wingnut vaccination deniers is not about freedom. It's  about the willingness to die trying, especially if you live in rural areas where the risk of dying is low and the opportunities to fly your maskless wingnut flag are are high.

The collapse of the healthcare system in India should be a wingnut warning instead its a chance to impugn the impoverished.

Oh to be a wingnut, to wear blinders, to have God on my side and truth be damned.

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