Ole Dirty Klondike

Boom goes the dynamite!!! Bye Iggy!!!!

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21 minutes ago, Dwash said:

Two years left. 

Team option that final year it looks like. Even better. Gets to audition to be that missing piece at the 3.

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Looking forward to seeing the full details. I'd be very pleasantly suprised if we only gave up Iggy for Winslow. I think some of you are underestimating Winslow. They moved him from SF/PF to PG/combo forward mid way through the season last year and it saved his career. He went from a potential bust to a really valuable player for them. He's an above average defender, passer, and slasher. He will make open threes and won't be a liability anywhere. He's also only 23 and a team first player. Definitely a good piece to have.

With no draft pick this offseason and a dismal free agent field, I'd happily have him on the books for $13 mil next season.

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