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So What Else Do We Need?

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Just now, I❤️JV said:

AD is a free agent in 2020...but we don't have cap space for his max (do we offer him max?)...unless Lakers do sign and trade with us.

I'm not sure what that has to do with my post you quoted. I wasn't suggesting we sign either one of them, I mentioned their status in the context of how it could affect the draft pick the Jazz owe us.

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56 minutes ago, I❤️JV said:

I just want to dream big...i'd say "dream big or go home"...

Nah, it was a sarcastic post implying that my posts are unrealistic. I think the only name I've mentioned that is unrealistic is Hield. Beal is absolutely gettable in a trade and the price of adding a 30ppg scorer to an already solid roster does not seem too high to me if it makes us a contender. Unlike the Clippers and Lakers, Washington is going nowhere. They've already traded Porter, and Wall's contract and health make him untradeable. Beal will be traded eventually, the only question is when. I think expiring contracts and 2 first round picks in the most anticipated draft in years is a solid starting point to build a trade that would bring him to Memphis and I think we have the right mix of contracts that it could be done without gutting the roster.

And I think Oladipo or Brogdon could be possibilities by summer of 2021 as well if we can't make a deal for Beal. The Pacers are sitting at 33-24 in the East, they are not good enough to contend but they are just good enough to pick in the middle of the first round every year, a place no team wants to be. Unless they make big moves and turn themselves into a contender I could see them being ready to blow it up 2 years from now.

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Looking at a list of 2021 free agents it appears that the best "value" guys are gonna be players coming off their rookie deals.  Lots of players from DEEP classes are eligible for free agency.

These guys might offer relative value AND they will be entering their primes -- with timelines right on schedule with ours.

2021 might also be the year to consolidate our picks (our own pick plus the Jazz/Warriors future picks plus our random 2nd round picks).  

2021 is good at the top, and even if it is top heavy, you still have "one and doner" types who disappointed this season and may have to stay an extra year.  THEN you have borderline lotto guys who skip school a year early since they don't want to be apart of a "double draft".  

The "double draft" might just be EMONI BATES OR BUST.

The Warriors and Jazz picks might be really really good -- OR they could mediocre at best, when our team might be overloaded with "young vet" types or guys going into their second contracts.

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