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Kevin B Moses

If the grizzlies get the number 2 pick in the draft, I would trade all our draft picks and any player not Ja for James Wiseman

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16 hours ago, CoolHandGriz said:

Yeah it's pretty much like that with any player. I remember when Charles Barkley was supposed to be 6'7.

Best player in the draft might just be a true PG in Cole Anthony. Would you be  comfortable taking him over Wiseman and Edwards if that were definitely the case? Legitimately asking.

Yes I would. Especially while you are rebuilding. You don't pass on Michael Jordan because you have Clyde Drexler. Houston didn't pass on Olajuwan just because they had Sampson. Even if they ultimately couldn't coexist, if you took the better player, you have a better asset for trades.

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9 hours ago, Joey Crawford said:

With our lower draft choice, if he is still available, Mac Mclung.

He would be good for us.  Especially if we wanted to go small.  Mac is a high motor/high energy guy who can score.  

He might actually be a “sleeper pick” this year.

For a late pick, I like Markus Howard. He’s a smaller guy but he can really shoot.  

Tres Tinkle would be a good fit on the wing — he’s a guy you maybe look at if you wind up at 5 or 6 but want to trade down.  

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