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Images in signatures, some of us like 'em, some of us don't. We've gotten to the point on the boards where we need to address the issue because some members' images are large enough to be a distraction (including breaking the page layout).


We're going to continue to allow images for now, but need to put in a couple of ground rules:


1. No offensive images

You're saying "obviously", right? Unfortunately it always needs to be said, because not all of us get it.


2. Size

Please limit your images to these maximums:

500 pixels wide

72 pixels tall

30kb filesize


3. No Animations

Post it in the comment if it's relevant to the topic, but not in the signature please. If you don't understand why they're annoying, here's one website, and another one, to illustrate the point. Let's not be those people.


There are a couple of great (free!) online tools to help you edit/crop/resize your images. One is picnik, the other is Fotoflexer.


If your image goes over the max limits, please use a different one or remove it. Or we'll remove it for you, send you a warning, yada yada.




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