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Bamboo Wall Cladding factory

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Product of Solid Bamboo Wall Panel
Two City Industry produce bamboo plywood for different projects. The Solid bamboo wall panels can be available in different thickness like extremely thin one like3mm, 5mm, 6mm or thicker one like 10mm, 15mm etc. Our solid bamboo wall panels can be used for interior or exterior. When you make prices from us, please talk to our staff where you will use these solid bamboo panels? Because different area application, the quality requirements are the different.
More and more contractors and builders prefer to use our Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding, which will bring more natural and beauty for homes.
Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding and wall panels are produced from laminated bamboo panel with finest quality of bamboo strips, pressed with healthy and environmental adhesive, milled with high-tech machines, which will ensure bamboo cladding in high quality and fit the house perfectly.
Bamboo Plywood for Bamboo Wall Cladding comes in mainly, both horizontal and vertical grains. Shop for solid bamboo wall panels from Two City Industry, please talk to our staffs by email or call.
Bamboo Wall Cladding factory

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