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3J showed that he is a real deal. More than that, after talking to 3J in summer league JV's impresion about young man skyrocketed. 3J was saying how he does not care one bit about his personal achievements and his stats and just wants to do what's best for the team to win and be as useful as possible for the team. If you think this is common among young guys or even so called stars, it is not. Selfishness for NBA "star" Kyrie, Westbrook, Chris Paul, Brawn, Tatum, Ingram,etc. or even worse a role player who sees himself as a star Terry Rozier, Whiteside,DeMarcus Cousins or Carmelo is a default setting. Even Demar Derozan. It's hard with Demar as he and Jonas are really good friends off the court, but there is no denying that he was the main obstacle for JV to achieving his best. The best examples how to be a star and a team player is Mike and Victor Oladipo.   

Credit to his family for mentality like that. Credit to Mike and Marc (somewhat) for mentoring him in his first season. 3J is going to have an awesome future and JV is more than happy to help and mentor (as much as 3J needs)to become the best he can be.

I must admit i was a bit jealous about 3J's role on a team and how he can overshadow JV, but now seeing that this young man made of the good stuff i have nothing but love for him.

Positive thing for the Grizz, because of 3J's character there is a very good chance he will stay in Memphis after his first 7 years and make Grizz play offs team for a decade or more.

JV was impressed with Ja as well, did not spend as much time with him as with 3J, but young man was saying all the right things. We will see how good he is as a player and a teammate.

His attitude is very good he obviously is awesome fasilitator and should be really good player. PG position is the hardest on a team and we should not expect miracles in a first year, but i hope we are pleasantly surprised in the second part of the season. There is always a chance he could be Markelle Fultz, but it is so small that i am feeling stupid to even thing about that possibility. Mike was JV's favorite Grizz after the trade and even Jonas understands why the trade happened it was hard for him to see him go.Ja has Ginormous shoes to fill.

Andre Iguodala,Jae Crowder,Solomon Hill,Miles Plumlee,Ivan Rabb has no future in Memphis. Andre Iguodala,Jae Crowder  are assets others could be marginal players or most likely not in the NBA next year.

Tyus Jones is a descent backup i do not see him becoming  a starter or a bust.

Marko Guduric it will depend how he can translate his game into NBA, has more chance to be a bust than a starter, most likely solid on a lower end back up.

Kyle Anderson could start this year, but he is not an NBA starter, solid back up on a higher end at the small forward.

De'Anthony Melton is a good defender and probably has NBA future as a back up.

Josh Jackson I know some of you expect a miracle , i do not. Josh is dictionary definition of a bust.I would be amazed if he could turned it around, but i expect this is his last season in the NBA.

Grayson Allen 20% back up 5% starter 75% bust.

Dillon Brooks, Bruno Caboclo and Brandon Clarke are the players with the future potential.

Dillon Brooks will probably start next season as a Shooting guard. I expect he will be decent not spectacular place holder for the future pick. It is possible he will be a starter in the future, but i would not bet on it.

Bruno Caboclo oh Bruno. The most frustrating player on a team. Unbelievable physical gifts and such a mental midget. It is possible he can mature enough, has time with sports psychologist and becomes a star. If i am Grizz FO, i would do everything i can to help him this season. If he can overcome his mental deficiencies he could be the one for the future. Chances are he won't, but as this season is free of any expectations, it is perfect opportunity to see if we could polish this Brazilian diamond or all we have is just a shiny piece of glass.

Brandon Clarke is not going to be a bust. He is at least high end back up with really high sealing. Will be fun to watch him grow.

p.s. After JV got traded to the Grizz, i couldn't care less about Memphis, Grizzlies past, present or the future. Now i do care not only about Jonas future, but Grizz too.

Consider me converted 

Go Grizz





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On 9/4/2019 at 2:17 PM, I❤️JV said:

If FO cuts Bruno and not Rabb that would be sooooo stupid. 

That would make me punch of a window 

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3 hours ago, grizzgolf said:

That would make me punch of a window 

I'd check to be sure it's not safety glass you're punching

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