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cheap Food Testing Machine

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Introduction of reaper binder:
4K-90 Mini reaper binder is the new product with the advanced technology and own property right, which is the unique type in China, it is with differential steering system, slewing flexibly. This machine is mainly used to harvest and bind low stem crops such as wheat, rice, barley, oats etc. it is applicable in the pain ,hills,slopes, small field, etc. In addition, it is with advantages of small volume, compact structure, complete harvesting, low stubble, automatic binding and putting, especially for lodging crop harvesting effect is significant
Technical parameters of reaper binder:
Overall dimensions2050*950*1050mmCrop convey waysSprocket
Total weight240.00kgsTotal loss rate≦1%
Driven SystemBelt   and shaft drivenBundle Rate≧95%
Binding wayFull  AutomaticallyStubble Height≦80mm
Rope typePlastic ropeProductivity0.01-0.15hm2
Cutting platform wayVertical  Engine supporting
Cutting width900mmUnit   fuel consumption≦10L/hm2
Cutting typeReciprocatingReliability≧90%
cheap Food Testing Machine

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