To convey or not to convey

To convey or not to convey?  

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  1. 1. Would you rather the Grizzlies...

    • Convey the pick in 2020
    • Or pick in the top 6 in 2020

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21 hours ago, Grizzled Vet said:


He is going to play in Memphis this year I hear.

His NZ team plays the the Grizzlies in preseason, as well as the Thunder.

Might have to drive down and catch that one.

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56 minutes ago, I❤️JV said:

Only completely inept FO can pass Luka as number 1....but what can you expect from Suns and Kings...they really should merge as the Sun Kings.


DeAndre Ayton was the concensus number one pick by nearly every draft prognosticator.  There was nothing inept about the Suns' pick.  Luka may end up being the better selection, but there is no guarantee, they have only played one season.  There were questions as to whether or not Luka's game would be effective in the NBA, apparently it is.  Like I said, there was nothing inept about the Suns selection, but they have made a lot of other head scratching, crazy dumb moves.

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