JV is in Toronto tonight, watching the Raps lose to Orlando

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4 hours ago, guillermo said:

I remember there used to be so many "grizz fans" on this board trashing Conley and in love with Lowry (after lowry was traded)

they used to enjoy when lowry had good games or played well against us. they'd praise lowery when mike bad games- there were grizz fans mind you

they all stopped commenting few years back when Mike proved to be WAY WAY WAY  MORE clutch/reliable in playoff than lowry could ever be. lowry for all his bulldawg tenacity is kind of a choker.  Mike is opposite of that.  

I also had the same gut reaction that Mike is far more clutch and a better playoff producer, but I think this is a case of recency bias - take a look at Mike's playoff stats vs. Kyle's playoff stats. Mike certainly had an amazing series against San Antonio in 2017 and Kyle had an abysmal Game 1 against Orlando, but look back at their overall playoff history and it's really not all that different.

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