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Ole Dirty Klondike

Big Spain Appreciation Thread

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Maybe we should have a real big spain appreciation thread. LOL. everyone post their favorite Marc Memory. 


Mine was two years ago in the playoffs. I can't remember if it was single or double overtime. 2016-2017 against the spurs. We had injuries, Marc his a buzzer beater three to win the game. I was there with my then 6 year old who lost his mind screaming at the game and became an instant fan. 

fast forward and my now 9 year old was in tears when he found out we traded Marc. But I explained to him that we can still be a fan, and cheer for the raptors now too (since they are in the east) he cheered up. 

Last one- check my profile picture. Marc was new to Memphis, I was hanging at E&H downtown. he was there with a few folks. I came up to him and chatted with him, told him how excited I was to have him here after his brother. he was super cool, ended up throwing back a few beers with me and my friends. Hung out for probably 20 minutes before going back to his group. Legit chill guy. it helped that I had just been to spain and we had that to chat about. 

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