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Acceptable Detroit Trade

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I would personally accept the below.

Reggie Jackson

Andre Drummond

Ish Smith


Kennard (lottery pick)

2019 1st Round Pick 






10M comes off the books at the end of the year (Ish/GR3)

15M comes off the books at the end of next year (Jackson)

I believe Drummond would be a good fit alongside Jaren for the next 2-3 years

We get 1 lottery prospect in Kennard and we get another first rounder that could end up being a lottery pick as well


Then I would try and get some seconds for Holiday, Green, and Temple to teams like Utah, Indiana, etc...who need a little push

Then do the deal with Houston to take on Knights Deal for the 1st round pick....see if you can get someone else young and promising off their bench for this as well

Forget a very important key to all this...we can anyone that has had anything to do with prior drafts...We have to make good decisions the next 1-2 years to get this turned around

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