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Irving explains Shelvin Mack altercation




All-Star point guard Irving was in fine form as his double-double of 38 points and 11 assists steered the Celtics to victory.

But Irving was clearly riled by a barb aimed his way by Mack late in the third quarter, leading to a confrontation and the two being separated.

Each player was given a technical foul before play continued and Irving opened up on the incident.

"He said something pretty disrespectful. So I told him to do something about it. He didn’t," Irving told reporters. 

"I don't usually get techs like that. But if someone questions your manhood, at that point, you got no choice."



If this is how it went down, it's is a far cry from "I'll beat yo azz".  In fact, the polar opposite.  Ugh.  Just more anecdotal evidence that this bear no longer has claws.

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