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I have a question I’m looking to purchas opus tickets row 1 seat 57-58 for the trailblazers game from stubhub but I can’t get anyone to answer my question about these seats. I’ve called stubhub and delt with a very rude woman and I’ve called the forum twice and got two different answers. Can anyone help me?

question 1: is this where these seats are? Because when I look at other floor plans they’re above the second lvl of 101 and 118. 

Question 2: we are also big Vanderbilt fans and wade Baldwin plans for the trailblazers do these seats come with getting in early so my daughter could get a chance to see him a bit closer?


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I believe the seats are on the Club level in the end zone. Those seats do not have floor access but I have found if you act like you belong then no one questions you. Take an elevator down to the Event Level and just walk like you know where you are going. 

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