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33 minutes ago, Teddy.B said:

Don't want to start a thread for this but was wondering would people prefer the joker or Embiid?

If it was a view to our Grizzlies line up to partner Jaren, out of those two choices, I would say Jokic, but if it was a straight up choice, then it'd be Embiid.

But I think Marc is a great pairing for Jaren.

If you remember my historical posts, I've liked Julius Randle a lot as as a Zbo Mark II, but now having seen Jaren's game and his development, I don't think Randle is the right on-court fit. I think we need a big that plays like Marc, at the top of the key, can hit the outside shot at a good clip is the right fit. Therefore, Marc is proving to be the perfect fit with Jaren

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