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Average Cost of an NBA Game - Grizzlies Rank 12th Most Expensive

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I notice that Toronto wasn't on the list. Probably because our average is double the Knicks figure, even after converting CDN dollars to US dollars (average = approximately $364 US). EVERY Raptors home game is a sellout. The last regular season Raptors game I went to, the tickets were $425 CDN each. That's for the upper rows of the lower bowl, near center. Add in some (overpriced) food, beer and parking and the price gets ridiculous. Not a cheap night out for a family of 4!!!

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On 10/24/2018 at 2:36 PM, Zappastache said:

Was surprised we are on par with and more expensive than a lot of these large markets in cost for attending a game. Tickets are really cheap, so it must be FOOD, BEER AND PARKING that is driving this up. 


I think beer is SEVERELY overpriced at the games and food aint too cheap either. I bought a plastic flask since they always have metal detectors now :ph34r:


Sports Fan Spending 01 2 min



here is the link to the study:

I live outside of charlotte went to a game 2 week  ago  brought popcorn 9.00 


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