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4 Team Deal

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Memphis Trades: JaMychal Green (7.7 1yr), Ben McLemore (5.4 1yr), Deyonta Davis (1.5 1yr), Andrew Harrison (1.5 1yr), 

Memphis Receives: Cody Zeller (13.5 3yrs), Josh Jackson (6.0 3 yrs)

Atlanta Trades: Denis Schroder (15.5 3yrs)

Atlanta Receives: Ben McLemore, Marquese Chriss (3.2 2yrs), Andrew Harrison,, 2019 2nd (PHX), 2020 2nd (CHAR)

Charlotte Trades: Cody Zeller, Kemba Walker (12.0 1yr), 2020 2nd

Charlotte Receives: Denis Schroder, Deyonta Davis

Phoenix Trades: Josh Jackson, Maarquese Chriss, 2019 2nd

Phoenix Receives: Kemba Walker, JaMychal Green


- MEM gets a solid 3rd big in Zeller who didn't get many mpg last year playing with Howard. He is efficient and productive and can play either frontcourt spot. We also get last year's #4 in Jackson, who had a solid rookie year (13ppg), to be that wing player we are striking out on in FA. The bad news is Zeller's contract escalates (14.4mil in 2019, 15.4mil in 2020), and we are giving up 16mil in expirings. Really we are taking a gamble that Jackson pans out as a star or something close to it. It is hard for us tp attract FAs esp. as long as we have Parsons. We should be taking gambles.

- ATL deals the suddenly inconsequential Schroder (Trae Young) for Chriss, two 2nds, expirings, and saving about 5mil this season. Harrison is a decent backup to Young. 

- CHAR has been looking to deal Walker and make some cap room. They get the salary dump with Zeller, and just replace Walker with a slightly inferior starting-level PG on a good deal. They also get a good low-risk look at Davis.

- PHX gets the all-star PG they need, and a very solid PF at the cost of two recent lotto picks. Losing Jackson and Chriss doesn't hurt too much b/c they have Bender (who would also work in this deal if ATL prefers him) at PF, and Warren, Bridges (#10), Ariza at SF and Booker at SG. The risk is that Kemba resigns. If he does they are pretty loaded for a long time.


Memphis Grizzlies:

Conley, Simmons, Carter

Seldon, D. Brooks, M. Brooks

Jo. Jackson, Parsons, Casspi

Ja. Jackson, Zeller, Martin, 

Gasol, Zeller, Rabb

- This team is very very solid defensively with plenty of shooting. Jackson and Zeller fit with the reGnG identity. If they can get some scoring punch from Parsons the Brooks Brothers and maybe Simmons, they can be very competitive this year. Going forward with the #4 Jackson Bros. is about as promising as we could expect with a middling team with no 2019 1st.



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Here's an updated version of the above trade, not b/c I expect anyone will care, but b/c I think it's fun to do:


Memphis Trades: Garrett Temple, JaMychal Green, Andrew Harrison, Dillon Brooks

Memphis Receives: Brandon Knight, Josh Jackson, Richaun Holmes

Phoenix Trades: Brandon Knight, T.J. Warren, Josh Jackson, Marquese Chriss, Richaun Holmes

Phoenix Receives: Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Garrett Temple, JaMychal Green

Charlotte Trades: Kemba Walker, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist,

Charlotte Receives: T.J. Warren, Marquese Chriss, Andrew Harrison, Dillon Brooks


- MEM takes on Knights contract for 2yrs, gives up good expirings in Green, Temple, Harrison, and lets Dillon Brooks go in exchange for Josh Jackson's potential. Jackson averaged 13ppg as a rookie, and has a lot more defensive potential than Brooks. I actually think Knight could be a good backup PG for us, and could also play some SG alongside Conley at times also. His contract expires alongside Parsons and we won't be doing much of anything until Parsons expires anyway. Holmes is a lesser version of Green, but he can hold down that spot for the time being.

- PHX gets the best player in the trade in all-star Kemba Walker (22.1ppg, 5.6apg 17-18). They badly need help at PG. If they think they can resign him to grow with their young core, then this makes sense for them. Swapping Gilchrist and Temple for Warren and Jackson won't affect them much; they still have Booker, Bridges, and Ariza. Gilchrist has a bad contract, but only for 2yrs. They won't hate having him as a defensive specialist who can also play some small-ball 4. Green is a good expiring and is an improvement over Chriss or Holmes. Basically though, this is all about acquiring Kemba.

- CHA probably won't be able to keep Walker past this year. This way they get off of Kidd-Gilchrist's contract which is good b/c they are sooo tied up with salary with Batum, Biyombo, Zeller, and Williams. They also get Warren on a good contract, and 3 players on rookie contracts; Brooks, Chriss, Harrison. Better to get something as opposed to nothing out of Kemba before he walks away.


Memphis Grizzlies:

Conley, Knight, Carter

Seldon, Jo. Jacksons, M. Brooks, Simmons

Anderson, Jo. Jackson, Parsons, Watanabe

Ja. Jackson, Holmes, Casspi

Gasol, Rabb, Johnson

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