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Aquiring Harrison Barnes

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Memphis Trades: Chandler Parsons, #4

Memphis Receives: Harrison Barnes, #24, 2019 1st (protections) from Dallas

Dallas Trades: Harrison Barnes, 2019 1st, Wesley Mathews

Dallas Receives: Chandler Parsons, Evan Turner, #4

Portland Trades: Evan Turner, #24

Portland Receives: Wes Mathews


- The Grizz get an all-star orbiter in Barnes, and get off Parsons albatross contract while getting a late 1st and a future 1st.

- Dallas takes on two very bad contracts in exchange for 1 bad expiring and #4. They can build around #4 and #5 and Dennis Smith while those bad contracts play out over the next two years.

-  Portland will save a lot of cap in exchange for #24.

This trade was proposed by Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report. I thought it was really interesting. I think we or Dallas would have to add a future 2nd to make Portland cooperate.


Memphis Grizzlies:

Conley, Harrison, Simmons

Selden, Brooks

Barnes, Brooks

Green, Rabb, (Mortiz Wagner #24 ???)

Gasol, Davis

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Isn't this the same trade that was on Bleacher Report?

I would need more back than what is listed for that to work. Wouldn't mind having Barnes but he is not someone who you want as the leading scorer on your team. He's a nice complementary piece if you have a true scorer on the team. 

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