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Greatest QB in NFL history?

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Which QB is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL?

Many look at Montana and say no one ever performed the way he did with the money on the line. 4 SBs in 4 tries with 3 MVPs that I think should have been 4, and he never threw an interception in the SB. That's about as Jordan-esque as it gets.

Some look at Marino and say that he had the greatest arm talent in the history of the game, but unfortunately never had the benefit of a good/great defense to help win him championships.

Some look at Peyton and say that no one ever controlled the line of scrimmage the way he did, and he also appeared in 4 SBs with 4 different head coaches (Dungy, Caldwell, Fox, Kubiak) - highly impressive.

And then obviously many over the past few seasons has looked at Tom Brady, and as a complete body of work, it's difficult to ignore. 5 SBs in 7 tries, with 4 MVPs that probably should have been 5. The way he performed having to come back from double digit deficits in the past 2 SBs has really cemented his legacy. He was great in those back against the wall situations.

Elway has 2 SBs, but never won one until TD came on board.

Of course, I'm partial to Aaron Rodgers. He's obviously not the "greatest", because his resume pales in comparison to certainly Montana and Brady, but for me he certainly qualifies as the "best". He has the best TD to INT ratio in NFL history, the highest passer rating in NFL history, and as a complete package, I don't see how anyone could argue against his all around skill and talent. He has Marino's arm, with Montana's touch, and Elways legs. He's a combination of multiple great quarterbacks all intertwined into one complete package. He has not had the benefit of being supported by a top 10 scoring defense since winning the SB in the 2010 season.

If Rodgers is able to get to 3 or 4 rings, I think he has a chance to go down as the best, particularly if he maintains his best ever TD to INT ratio, and his best ever passer rating. And with the pace he's on, I think he most certainly breaks Peyton's all time TD record.

So lets hear it. Who is the greatest? And who is the best? And do the two questions potentially have the same answer?

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