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Pick 10: Thriller

For games 11-20 of the 2016-17 season...  

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  1. 1. the Grizzlies win-loss record will be...

    • 10 - 0.
    • 9 - 1.
    • 8 - 2.
    • 7 - 3.
    • 6 - 4.
    • 5 - 5.
    • 4 - 6.
    • 3 - 7.
    • 2 - 8.
    • 1 - 9 or worse.

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Welcome, one and all to the second Pick thread of the 2016-17 season, Pick 10: Thriller. The first ten games of the season have been a bit of a disappointment to many fans.  Most expected better than a .500 start, but the injury bug has limited Tony Allen and Chandler Parsons to four games each , and Fiz has been actually listening to the training staff and not overworking the M & M connection.


Still, Vince Carter has been spectacular, giving Zach a secondary threat off the bench, and we have seen flashes from the rookies. The potential of the team is positively thrilling.


Many of the games this set have all the makings of being thrillers, like the Pick'Em Game for this set, November 30th in Toronto against the Raptors, which happens to coincide with the 34th anniversary of the release of the highest selling album in music history.



You never know what is lurking around the corner in a Grizzlies season, so, as Vincent Price says, "darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand." Let's get to pickin' games before it's too late.


11/16 @ Clippers - L. Third game of the four game road trip, against what is probably the strongest team.  I don't want Fiz to pull a Minneapolis submission, but this is the  game to rest anyone who's tired.


11/18 @ Mavs - W. Dallas is not the product Rick Carlisle normally turns out, but Mark Cuban didn't really restock the cupboard this year around Irk. Parson's revenge  game.


11/19 v. T'wolves - W. T'pups in town, Fiz not sitting Marc and Mike.  Defense steps up on the second night of a back to back.


11/21 @ Hornets - L. Charlotte is surprising a lot of people this year.  Established chemistry is a great tool early in the season.  I call this one a coin flip, and let the home team have it.


11/23 @ Sixers - W. Remember that word chemistry I just used? Well, Philly doesn't have it.  Home team provides the turkey for thanksgiving this year.


11/25 v. Heat - W. Black Friday back to back with Fiz's old team, although he doesn't recognize most of the roster. Calling a split here, just because of the beginning of the holiday season.


11/26 @ Heat - L. See above.


11/28 v. Hornets - W. Charlotte comes to Beale.  Revenge for the game seven days previously.


11/30 @ Raptors - L. Travel to the Great White North.  Pulling out the passports typically is not a great deal for the Griz.  Valiant effort, scoring 95, but not enough for the win.


12/01 v. Magic - W. Frank Vogel brings the young Orlando team to the Grindhouse for only the fourth home game of the set.  Time to grind the team from the most wonderful place on earth.


That's 6 - 4, scoring 95.  Who's got the "soul for getting down?"

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After coming up just a bit short on my first prediction (and couldn't be happier about it!), my second selection could have me on the bottom again but hopefully eliminated much quicker this time.


@ Clippers - L
Clippers are playing the best ball in the league. Memphis isn't. I expect a more combative and competitive game but a loss just the same. 


@ Mavs - W 
Last game of the longest road trip of the season and the Grizzlies look to finish it with a .500 record. Dallas' coach is one of the best but his team isn't even close. 

Twolves - L
The TPups blew a game on opening night, got no revenge playing the B squad in their home opener and are in danger of falling out of the playoff picture already. Grizzlies still road weary playing their first home games since November 8. 

@ Hornets - L
Seems crazy but Charlotte is a really good team. Kimba Walker is a handful for any team and the rest of the players know their roles. Memphis is still adjusting and learning. 


@ 76ers - W
Philadelphia will win more games than last season but not enough to keep them out of the top 4 spots in the draft. Memphis needs to win again. 


Heat - W
The Heat miss LeBron, Dwade and Fizdale. Memphis misses being at home. Should be an interesting game but Heat's problems are bigger than the Grizzlies. 


@ Heat - L
Tough back to back and it's always hard to win both games in these situations. Memphis could do it however I am just betting they don't. 


Hornets - W

Charlotte's really good. 


@ Raptors - L
Toronto is getting cooler but the Raptors are starting to get hot. Lowry loves to show up Conley and DeRosen is scary good. I expect this game will be a struggle from the start. 89 points scored by the Grizzlies. 


Orlando - W 
Magic is struggling with a new coach and a new style just like the Grizzlies but Orlando is slowing down the pace and that plays into Memphis' hands. 


5-5 for the next 10 which gets us into December and hopefully a healthier and more confident team. 

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7-3, 101 against Toronto. 


L's against the Hornets (1x), Clips, and one other.


Let's scoop some momentum before the third set of Pick 10, which is going to be a bloodbath (GSW, CLE x2, BOS, UTA...) 

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11/16 @ Clippers - W. I'm going out on a limb here and say we  will win this game. National televised game and you usually see a high level of play from Zbo in those games. Not to mention it'll be the nation's first time seeing the new look Grizz. I think the guys really woke up after the loss to Milwaukee and the words from Fiz. It will be a very close contest, but I think this could be the game that may make people recognize how good this team can be. 


11/18 @ Mavs - W. Carry over from the Clipps win, I can see us winning this one as well. That'll give us a 3 game winning streak and a 7-5 record.


11/19 v. T'wolves - L. I expect Marc and Conley to not play much in this game. Its a b2b and coming off a long road trip. I don't think they will rest, but I do anticipate their minutes being limited.


11/21 @ Hornets - L. Charlotte is a good team and we tend to have trouble against Kemba.


11/23 @ Sixers - W


11/25 v. Heat - W


11/26 @ Heat - W. Think we are the better team. Should be able to take care of them in both games even with Conley and Marc on limited minutes.


11/28 v. Hornets - W. Revenge game from the previous loss. 


11/30 @ Raptors - L. I believe we'll score 92 in a loss. Tough opponent. 


12/01 v. Magic - W. Should be a win.


7 - 3. 92 against Raptors.


12-8 going into December with some very tough games.

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Just four more wins to elimination! Come on Grizz, knock me out fast!!!

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Here is who picked what:


9 - 1: kboyar
8 - 2: LuvThem Grizzlies (100)
7 - 3: Acehigh718 (101), hallo_mates (105), VikingWarrior (99), BHZMAFIA (92)
6 - 4: Wells (95), chasingpapes (99), whipple, Southern Dreads (98), smit-tay griz (103)
5 - 5: some1nw, chipc3 (89), nivek (104)

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You must be using the new fangle math. Hope you're not using it in your line of work 2. You seen Monte since we met?


I predicted a 5-5 record. However my pick of 89 points is looking very shaky right now so I assume a 5-5 mark I'll lose the tiebreaker. I saw him once a few weeks ago but not much. 

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I predicted a 5-5 record. However my pick of 89 points is looking very shaky right now so I assume a 5-5 mark I'll lose the tiebreaker. I saw him once a few weeks ago but not much. 


Griz just have to score 97 against the Raps to do that, Chip.

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