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Lilly King For President Of The Usoc

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Lilly King is the swimmer who has been very vocal about her lack of respect for athletes who are caught doping. She wants them out of the Olympics...even if they are her USA teammates like Justin Gatlin. 


Everyone has heard by now what Lilly had to say about her Russian competition who has been twice caught doping but was still allowed to participate in this year's Olympics. What some people may have missed is her saying something to the same effect about Gatlin who was banned from competition after testing positive but reinstated in time to compete in the Olympics. 



I have to respect their decision even if it’s not something that I necessarily agree with. Now, do I think people who have been caught for doping offenses should be on the team? No. They shouldn’t.

It’s unfortunate that we have to see that and that it’s such a toss-up in between sports and in between countries. It’s just something that needs to be set in stone that this is what we’re going to do to settle this, and that should be the end of it. There should not be any bouncing back and forth.


The fans of the Olympics need to have this young woman placed on the board for the USOC immediately and after her career is over promote her to President of the USOC and hopefully the IOC at some point. It's time to bring credibility and accountability back to the Olympics. 

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