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Memphis Trades: Vince Carter (TO), JaMychal Green, Future 2nd (Courtney Lee)

Memphis Receives: Nic Stauskas, Sam Dekker


Philadelphia Trades: Carl Landry, Jahil Okafor, Nic Stauskas

Philadelphia Receives: Ricky Rubio, Trevor Ariza


Minnesota Trades: Ricky Rubio

Minnesota Receives: Patrick Beverly, Vince Carteer (TO), JaMychal Green, Future 2nd (MEM)


Houston Trades: Trevor Ariza, Patrick Beverly

Houston Receives: Carl Landry, Jahil Okafor



- The Grizzlies get 2 promising young wing players for Carter's contract. Losing Green will sting a bit, but he will have to be paid next season, and we have Martin (and Davis) anyway. It isn't really clear what Stauskas and Dekker will bring to the team, but for a price so small they are worth a gamble. I happen to be very high on both players. We will still have a lot of money to add a high tier FA.

- The 76ers use the superfluous Okafor to get a much needed true PG, and a high-quality wing player on a good contract. They have stated they want to bring in experienced vets. Ricky is a great fit to get shots for their many young players. Parting w/ Landry's contract is a plus and it will free up mpg for their loaded frontcourt.

- The T-Wolves have Kris Dunn so they are probably looking to part ways with Rubio. Beverly is almost as good at about half the salary. He will make a good backup while Dunn learns. Green and a 2nd sweeten the deal. Carter's contract has a Team Option, so the Wolves can cut him. They will be saving about 6mil in salary.

- The Rockets use 2 good players and a prospect to land a premier talent in Okafor. Landry would be a burden to most teams, but the Rockets could actually use him as their roster is presently very shallow. His contract expires after the season. They will save about 4.5mil in salary.


- We would look something like this:

Memphis Grizzlies

Conley, Baldwin, Harrison

Allen, Stevenson (TO), Stauskas

FA (Batum/Parsons), Dekker

Randolph, Martin

Gasol, Wright, Davis

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