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Gtf Trade Thoughts

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In case you missed GrizzTigerFan's trade thoughts from the Team Talk Thread:


"Harris has the ability to do a little bit of everything. He can put the ball on the floor and create his own shot. He can shoot from deep. He's big enough (6'9, 235 pounds) to defend in the post and quick enough to stay with wings on the perimeter. He's an active on-ball defender and solid rebounder. He has all the talent a team could want.

However, at times, Harris seems to disappear on the floor. Part of that is because he's often relegated to a supporting role. The Magic's roster is stocked with young, talented players, who like to have the ball in their hands. Instead of designing plays ran for Harris, Orlando relegates him to the corner to help space the floor for Elfrid Payton, Victor Oladipo, Evan Fournier and Nikola Vucevic."


I would rather have Tobias Harris than Evan Fournier.   He is 23yrs old and already locked up on a 4yr deal.    Tobias is basically Light-skin  young Jeff Green in skillset and mentality.    He can dominate a game or disappear he has a swiss-army knife of skills and can be plugged into any type of lineup. This may scare some people off but it is actually why i think he is the better prospect over Fournier.    


We already have Evan Fournier on the roster in Jordan Adams.   Getting Fournier won't move the needle this year or make us a contender in the future either.  The 21yr old Adams can replicate whatever the 23yr old Fournier can offer but at a much cheaper price.    I desperately want the team to develop a drafted player and Adams is the most surefire prospect we have had.   


I think Dave has stumbled upon the best way to use Jeff, which is simply run plays for him and give him the greenlight in a more free flowing lineup and offense.   Like the article pointed out Tobias (just like Jeff) isn't a role player and trying to use him that way just wastes his talent and causes him to be lost in the shuffle.   Adding Tobias this deadline and putting him with the second unit can unlock potential with him.     Swap Jeff +CLee + Jarrell for Tobias + Dedmon.  This opens up a roster spot so we can add a 3rd PG too.  







He can then slowly gain chemistry with Marc and Mike and replace Zbo in the starting lineup.     This gives us more time to develop Adams with Tony and Vince falling off books after next season.  


Next season






Now we have two talented young players (Adams and Tobias) that have legitimate potential to grow into new CORE pieces. 

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