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The Truth is OUT

Mt Grizzmore - Grizz Marketing Knocks It Out Of The Park Again

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Sorry mods if this is the wrong forum for this, but this is all kinds of awesome:



Everything the Grizzlies do is pretty much great, but this is particularly wonderful because it takes the Mount Rushmore debate everyone had ad nauseam way back when and makes it their own.


Mount Grizzmore doesn’t just belong to Memphis. It belongs to the people. And the first piece of the rock you have to have if you don’t already own a glowing piece of the Aggro Crag is Tony Allen. The giveaway happens against the Knicks on Jan. 16, and it’s limited to the first 4,000 fans, which means if you’re not in the building early, you’re probably having to hit eBay or something to pick one up.




Wish I was still in town to collect all four.  Won't let me post the pic for some reason, but you can see it at the link above.




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