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So Are The Grizz Trading For A Big Or Waiving For Hollins

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Never planned on playing Martin? No timetable for Wright or Martin's return? I don't believe either of those comments is true. Just because the team isn't saying anything doesn't mean that they don't have timetables for both players.

Really so you weren't listening when every media person associated with the team said Martin would be playing in Iowa this season. And obviously someone told you and you alone when they will both be back because no one else seems to know.


I'm not gonna go Google all this information either cause I'm 100% sure I'm accurate on both statements. I literally asked Tillery last week in the chat about both Martin and Adams and he said he didn't know

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I think you are right and also don't underestimate fact that Wright wanted to be closer to home. He was pretty much gift-wrapped to us.




Wright is a PickNRoll specialist and if used properly can be an pretty prolific offensive weapon. I like the idea of having Wright + Dedmon + Green as Big Rotation of near future; all under 28 and all uber-athletic.


I read a proposed rumor involving ORL and PHI basically swapping Nerlen for Oladipo. Maybe we can help facilitate that move.



MEM gets: Hollis Thompson, DeWayne Dedmon, and Tony Wroten

PHI gets; Victor Oladipo, Andrew Nicholson, and Tony Allen

ORL gets: Vince Carter, Nerlens Noel, and Russ Smith


The reasons for ORL and PHI are obvious as they are exchanging good players that are poor fits in their current systems. Philly needs to start being competitive and Tony with Oladipo should instantly change the culture of that team. Vince Carter gets to retire in his hometown and also provides outside shooting and veteran leadership for a young squad.


Memphis reasons:

  • Dedmon is a healthy athletic Big Body 7ftr that is only 26yrs old, nuff said.
  • Wroten is coming off a serious injury and is worth another look now that Tony is off the team still only 22yrs old.
  • Hollis Thompson is a 6'8 24yr old wing that is shooting .38% from 3 on a minimum contract, nuff said.







This is a better roster than current and saves us 6m on the season. Also gives us a chance to look at a lot of young players for next season.

Sounds too good to be true unfortunately

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No tears shed for losing out on Hollins. The fans on the Wizards board are crying tho, for picking him over players like Sims and Greg Smith LOL.


There is one free agent center out there that's been working out apparently. Considering what happened to him in a game against us, the team almost owes it to him to bring him in for a workout:


Andrew Bynum

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I just want someone that checks off as many of these boxes as possible.

  • Young and athletic
  • solid rebounder and defender
  • Has some upside


Jarell Martin?

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