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Memphis Trades: Jeff Green, Jordan Adams, Jarnell Stokes, 2016 1st

Memphis Receives: Kevin Martin, Myers Leonard, Shabazz Muhammad, 2017 2nd (Portland)


Portland Trades: Gerald Henderson, Myers Leonard, 2017 2nd

Portland Receives: Jeff Green, Jordan Adams, Jarnell Stokes


Minnesota Trades: Kevin Martin, Shabazz Muhammad

Minnesota Receives: Gerald Henderson, 2016 1st (Memphis)


- The Grizzlies suddenly have an upgraded wing rotation loaded with shooting and scoring. Martin & Mudammad can get their own and make defenses pay for sagging in on Marc & Zach. I'm not sure what we would do with Leonard, but we could use some size off the bench and he gives us another floor stretcher. I think he and Wright would make a good complementary duo. We'd miss Jeff Green as a secondary ball handler, though as neither Martin or Muhammad are good in that department. We lose a young player in Adams and a 1st, but to get a lottery pick like Muhammad it's worth it.

- The Wolves seem like they've been wanting to part ways with Martin for a while now. They're basically trading Martin for Henderson and Muhammad for a 1st. So its a salary dump which saves them 3.2mil this year and 9mil next year when Henderson expires. They can use the room to go after a big FA next offseason to go with their young core. I don't think they'll mind parting with Muhammad b/c they've got Wiggins and we're giving them a 1st. They might be able to squeeze Pat Connaughton out of the Blazers, or they could take Allen Crabbe if they want.

- The Blazers get an upgrade of Henderson for Green, and a couple good young players for an expiring Leonard. 


* Gerald Henderson can't be traded until August 23rd. However, there's no reason the trade couldn't wait until then.


Memphis Grizzlies:

Conley, Udrith, Smith

Lee, Martin, Carter

Allen, Muhammad, Barnes

Randolph, Green

Gasol, Wright, Leonard

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I like all the moving pieces. Grizzlies take a risk on Martin in a win now situation and Muhammed makes us feel better about giving up Jordan Adams. However, the 2016 first round pick is owed to the Nuggets via the Speights salary dump to Cleveland.

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Actually the pick is protected if it is top 5 or 15 thru 30, so we'll likely get to keep it.


I'm glad somebody actually liked something of mine.

While the pick may end up in Memphis' hands it still can't be traded away.

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Now that the Blazers have acquired Haywood from the Cavs, they could sub him in for Henderson which would make the deal more appealing for both Portland (who would be getting and not really giving anything) and Minnesota (who would be saving more money immediately).


- something like this sounds agreeable to me...


Memphis Receives: Kevin Martin, Myers Leonard, Shabazz Muhammad

Portland Receives: Jeff Green, Jordan Adams

Minnesota Receives: Brendan Haywood, Pat Connaughton, 2nd from Portland, 2nd from Memphis

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