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My group needs one more partner in a lower level suite. You would have two tickets every fourth game (12 games) or two tickets every eighth game (6 games). Plus parking in the arena near the suite.


The price is not much more than a good lower level ticket. Average is approx $160 per ticket but lots of amenities.


Price including parking for 2 tickets every 8th game is $2,200. Price including parking for 2 tickets every fourth game is $4,400.


1. Very nice seating. Very wide and lots of leg room.

2. Restroom right at the door

3. Two flat screen TV’s for football bowl games, replays, etc.

4. Refrigerator to keep drinks in (you have to buy your own in the Forum, but can store them there)

5. Sofa, large table, etc.

6. Phone, internet, etc.


PM me for details ...


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