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Found 2 results

  1. Predictions on free agents and other off-season moves? Main free agents of note: Josh Jackson and Anthony Tolliver are UFA, and De'Anthony Melton is RFA. Will Grizzlies draft in first round this year? Currently, they could potentially draft top 4 or no first round pick, nor do they have their own 2nd, but do have Phoenix's 2nd round pick. Also, given the willingness of the FO to deal, who do you predict is not back of players currently under contract? And for those deep in Grizzlies/Hustle fandom: What is status of Yuta and Konchar for next year? Since editing for the title, here are key dates: October 16 is NBA draft October 17 - Deadline for player, team and early termination options; deadline for qualifying offers extended to restricted free agents October 18 is beginning of NBA free agency "conversations" October 19 - Restricted free agents can sign offer sheets; teams can sign rookies, league minimum and two-way deals; rookie options can be exercised October 23 - NBA free agency signing period begins (10 a.m. ET); teams can sign and extend players, plus complete trades; restricted free agent offer sheets can be matched
  2. I think all of our problems stem from the root issue of playing too many guys. Unfortunately, this is a byproduct of all the injuries that have occurred early on. Initially it was a good thing because it allowed us to develop a lot of young guys and create real roster depth. However, now it is causing a problem because re-integrating guys has disrupted the chemistry the shorter roster had. It is time to cull the roster and possibly the least bias way to do that is basing it on stats. These stats come from!/1610612763/players-advanced/?sort=NET_RATING&dir=1 5 Man Lineups T.Allen, M.Gasol, J.Green, A.Harrison, T.Williams 110Mins 94.0offrtg 101.1defrtg -7.2netrtg T.Allen, M.Conley, J.Ennis III, M.Gasol, J.Green - 90Mins 103.5offrtg 103.2defrtg 0.3netrtg T.Allen, M.Conley, M.Gasol, J.Green, C.Parsons 61Mins 98.3offrtg 120.1defrtg -21.8netrtg T.Allen, T.Daniels, M.Gasol, J.Green, A.Harrison 55Mins 107.9offrtg 82.3defrtg 25.6netrtg M.Conley, J.Ennis III, M.Gasol, J.Green, C.Parsons 51Mins 97.0offrtg 94.3defrtg 2.7netrtg V.Carter, M.Conley, J.Ennis III, M.Gasol, J.Green 45Mins 126.2offrtg 77.4defrtg 48.8netrtg M.Conley, J.Ennis III, M.Gasol, J.Green, A.Harrison 39Mins 100.4offrtg 112.8defrtg -12.4netrtg T.Allen, V.Carter, M.Conley, M.Gasol, J.Green 31Mins 115.1offrtg 107.7defrtg 7.4netrtg V.Carter, M.Conley, M.Gasol, A.Harrison, Z.Randolph 28Mins 103.5offrtg 75.3defrtg 28.2netrtg V.Carter, T.Daniels, A.Harrison, J.Martin, Z.Randolph 28Mins 94.9offrtg 88.9defrtg 6.0netrtg 2 Man Lineups M.Gasol, J.Green 837Mins 103.5offrtg 100.2defrtg 3.3netrtg T.Allen, M.Gasol 711Mins 105.4offrtg 103.8defrtg 1.6netrtg M.Conley, M.Gasol 665Mins 105.3offrtg 107.0defrtg -1.7netrtg T.Allen, J.Green 611Mins 102.0offrtg 101.8defrtg 0.2netrtg M.Gasol, A.Harrison 586Mins 101.6offrtg 98.7defrtg 3.0netrtg J.Green, A.Harrison 540Mins 98.8offrtg 98.9defrtg -0.1netrtg M.Conley, J.Green 537Mins 104.0offrtg 104.0defrtg 0.0netrtg V.Carter, Z.Randolph 441Mins 104.8offrtg 98.9defrtg 5.9netrtg V.Carter, A.Harrison 417Mins 107.2offrtg 99.1defrtg 8.1netrtg T.Allen, A.Harrison 397Mins 97.1offrtg 99.6defrtg -2.6netrtg T.Allen, M.Conley 392Mins 105.6offrtg 109.9defrtg -4.3netrtg M.Conley, J.Ennis III 364Mins 105.2offrtg 102.8defrtg 2.4netrtg V.Carter, M.Conley 337Mins 110.8offrtg 101.3defrtg 9.5netrtg M.Gasol, Z.Randolph 242Mins 104.3offrtg 107.9defrtg -3.7netrtg M.Conley, Z.Randolph 233Mins 106.7offrtg 108.8defrtg -2.2netrtg M.Conley, A.Harrison 194Mins 102.8offrtg 102.4defrtg 0.4netrtg M.Gasol, C.Parsons 165Mins 98.6offrtg 109.6defrtg -11.1netrtg 3 Man lineup M.Conley, M.Gasol, J.Green 484Mins 102.9offrtg 103.3defrtg -0.4netrtg M.Gasol, J.Green, A.Harrison 390Mins 101.3offrtg 98.1defrtg 3.2netrtg T.Allen, M.Conley, M.Gasol 359Mins 105.8offrtg 110.4defrtg -4.7netrtg M.Conley, M.Gasol, C.Parsons 137Mins 98.4offrtg 114.5defrtg -16.1netrtg M.Conley, M.Gasol, Z.Randolph 114Mins 109.0offrtg 119.9defrtg -10.9netrtg V.Carter, M.Conley, M.Gasol 222Mins 116.1offrtg 106.7defrtg 9.4netrtg V.Carter, M.Gasol, A.Harrison 181Mins 108.6offrtg 98.3defrtg 10.4netrtg