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Found 1 result

  1. tennesseessio

    2 Draft Day Trades

    Memphis Trades: J. Green, Ben McLemore, #4 Memphis Receives: Terrence Ross, #6, #11 Orlando Trades: Terrence Ross, Shelvin Mack, #6 Orlando Receives: Kemba Walker, J. Green Charlotte Trades: Kemba Walker Charlotte Receives: #4, Shelvin Mack, Ben McLemore Memphis Trades: J. Green, Ben McLemore, Andrew Harrison, #4 Memphis Receives: Bojan Marjanovic, Patrick Beverley, #11, #12, #13 LAC Trades: Bojan Marjanovic, Patrick Beverley, #12, #13 LAC Receives: Kemba Walker Charlotte Trades: Kemba Walker, #11 Charlotte Receives: J. Green, Ben McLemore, Andrew Harrison, #4 - So basically we are trading expirings with #4 for lesser value expirings with lower cost and trading down to lower lottery picks. I'd take Carter and Heurter in trade 1, and Heurter, Troy Brown, and Mortiz Wagner in trade 2. - Orlando/ LAC get an all-star at a need position for giving up draft pick(s). They get to ditch some lame-duck expirings in the process. - Charlotte is stuck in high-salary/ low-return late lottery limbo. They give up their best player to trade up for a possible franchise changer. The players the get are all expirings so the get cap flexibility as well.