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Found 1 result

  1. tennesseessio

    2 Rebuilding Trades

    Memphis Trades: Marc Gasol Boston Trades: David Lee, Terry Rozier, 2016 1st (from NJN - top 1 protected), 2016 2nd (76ers) Memphis Trades: Mike Conley Orlando Trades: CJ Watson, Andrew Nicholson, 2016 1st, 2nd 2017 - For Gasol we get a high lottery pick, a solid PG prospect and the likely 1st pick of the 2nd round. I don't think Boston would risk a shot a Ben Simmons so I left that pick top 1 protected. My dream choice would be Kris Dunn of Providence, but there's plenty of time to speculate on that. David Lee is an expiring so we end up saving a ton of room/money for a rebuild. - Boston gets an all-star who would fit nicely with Brad Stevens team basketball culture. Rozier they don't really need with Thomas, Smart, and Turner who can play PG when needed. They will still have two 1sts and two 2nds in 2016. - If they do happen to land #1 (Simmons), then we'd be screwed out of a high lotto pick so there would have to be some contingency in the trade to reimburse us. For example, we'd get both their other 1sts and a future 2nd or something amenable like that. It makes the whole thing kind of an interesting gamble. - For Conley we get a likely mid-1st round pick, a future 2nd, a decent backup PG and a look at Nicholson who is a solid backup PF on an expiring. - The Magic get a veteran for their solid team, without giving up any of their young players. - You might expect to get more for Conley, but I kind of doubt you could do much better. Almost every team has a solid PG (like Holliday or R. Jackson) or a young PG (like Mudiay or D. Russell) that they are grooming. It just isn't an in-demand position. Also, Mike is an expiring and there is no guarantee he'll resign. - All in all we come away saving about 25 mil (not figuring the salary increase we'd be paying to resign Conley). Add that to Green, Lee, Chalmers, Carter, Barnes coming off the books and we are pretty much in fiscal heaven, w/ a large cash of picks to play with: Rozier, #3, #15, #20, #32, 2nd 2017 (currently estimated scenario). We still have Randolph and Allen who one would hope to be able establish a winning culture for the young players. I think this gives us as solid a foundation to build on as one could hope for.