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Found 4 results

  1. For the start of the 2017-18 season, what do you think will be the location for each of the following players-on Grizzlies roster, on another team's roster, or UFA? I've also included Wayne Selden as his contract is not guaranteed for next season (as far as I know). Please put clear predictions on top and commentary at the end. Note: the predictions aren't about what you would do, but what you think the team does. Vince - Grizzlies Zach - Grizzlies Tony - Another team JaM Green (RFA) - Grizzlies Selden - Grizzlies Obviously for any of these FA, I can see them somewhere else. VC - I don't think it is a coincidence that Fizz has praised Vince repeatedly this offseason for helping develop the young players. Zach - If Marc wants him around, he stays. If not he'll get a contract elsewhere. I don't think the money will be there for a top stretch 4. Tony - The reason he could stay is because of a relatively weak SG FA class, and he does bring something different to the table as a defender. But he's been hurt, and he will have value to a young team trying to reach the playoffs. I could see him having the highest demand of the UFA. JaM - I think the Grizzlies match whatever, barring it isn't too crazy.
  2. cdp


    We need a capable startin SG, Nets need a capable startin PF. If they end up signin Crabbe + Johnson, Bojan will prolly be on his way out anyways; Vince Carter G-F $4,264,057 ($2,000,000 guaranteed) JaMychal Green F $980,431 (Non-guaranteed) Future 2nd rounder for Bojan Bogdanovic G-F $3,573,020 They can waive Carter n save a couple mill.
  3. cdp

    Pelicans Grizzlies

    Apologies in advanced, this trade looks good to me right about now if you know what i mean; Tyreke Evans $10,734,586, $10,203,755 (2016-17) Kendrick Perkins $947,276 for Courtney Lee $5,675,000 Vince Carter $4,088,019 Jamychal Green $845,059 Future 1st rounder (would have to be after Denver AND Boston gets their picks we traded to them) Gets us our go to man right now, and a big man for the rest of the season. Opens up lots more cap space for the Pelicans to reload around Davis again next year.
  4. cdp

    Mem/ind/bos Trade

    Don't mind me, just incredibly bored waiting for my class to start. I personally think something like this could take place, based on the teams respective situations and rosters; Pacers get: Green, Franklin Celtics get: Scola, Prince, Copeland, IND 2016 1st, IND 2015 2nd Grizzlies get: Bogans, Anthony Scola and Bogans get waived. Pacers do it because it keeps them competitive this year in a weak conference. George can move fulltime to the 2 next year and play alongside Green. In 2016 Hibbert, West and Green will all be off the books. Celtics get the draft pick they want for Bogans, while clearing space to play James Young and Turner. Finally, it saves us almost 5 million in capspace, lots to sign a player like Forbes, Damion James or Chris Singleton to easily replace Prince. It also gives us a more balanced roster. A Prince-Anthony swap is neutral so it's like we're trading Franklin straight up for cash. Conley-Udrih-Calathes Lee-Allen-Adams Carter-Pondexter-James Randolph-Leuer-Stokes Gasol-Koufos-Anthony Nasty lookin team right there