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Found 1 result

  1. tennesseessio


    I'm not really in the break up the core crowd, but I thought this was interesting to kick around... Memphis Trades: Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph Memphis Receives: Kevin Love, Nerlens Noel, Sasha Kahn, #9 Cleveland Trades: Kevin Love, Sasha, Kahn Cleveland Receives: Marc Gasol, Patrick Patterson Toronto Trades: Patrick Patterson, Delon Wright, #9 Toronto Receives: Zach Randolph, #57 Philadelphia Trades: Nerlens Noel Philadelphia Receives: Delon Wright - I've got us and TOR swapping #9 for #57. They might not go for that. They also have #27, and PHI has #s 24,26. Something equitable could be worked out. - For our Grizz, we get an Olympic Team level player in Love and a young center in Noel for Mark & Zach. The new guys are younger, more athletic, and Love is the kind of player who can carry a team (26 & 12). We also get #9 where Jacob Poetel is a likely still available and a good replacement for Gasol. Kahn is just filler to make salaries work. We would also have a glut of bigs we could trade; Noel, Wright, Green, Martin. - The Cavs and Kevin Love aren't working. Gasol would probably do much better for them with his D and facilitation on offense. He still gives them a post presence, too. Patterson is a solid role player who can shoot. - The Raps get a true post presence to go with their high-scoring guard tandem. They might miss Patterson's shooting a bit, but they won't miss Wright who won't get mpg behind Lowry and Joseph. The improvement they'd get from Randolph will be better than what they'd get at #9, so I think they say yes. - The 6ers don't need Noel to play center with Okafor, and Embid, and he doesn't really make a good 4 esp. when they have Saric coming over and Simmons who can play that spot also. They do need upgrade at PG so getting Wright with more years on his rookie contract is a lateral move talent wise that fits their team needs better. - Here's what we could look like next year... Memphis Grizzlies: Conley, Demetrious Jackson (#17) Allen, Fournier (FA) Adams Batum (FA), Rush (FA) Love, Green, Martin Noel, Poetel (#9), Wright, Kahn