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Found 5 results

  1. Last year's overly optimistic, highly unlikely playoff thread was started in December, after 34 games with 48 to go. Not surprisingly, nobody at the beginning of last year's playoff thread correctly predicted that there would be a global pandemic, all sporting events would be paused, the team would join 21 other teams in a bubble in Orlando, a new playoff format would be accepted, and the Grizzlies would miss out from being an official playoff team. As of today, with 50 games potentially remaining, the 11-11 Grizzlies sit in 9th, halfway between 7th (Denver Nuggets) and 14th with only the Timberwolves likely out of playoff contention. So 1-3 appear locks for the playoffs (Jazz, Lakers, Clippers). The important 4-6 positions are Suns, Portland, Spurs. 7-10 play-in teams: Nuggets, Warriors, Grizzlies, Mavericks 11-14 still fighting: Kings, Rockets, Pelicans, and Thunder. If you are counting, that is 5 teams above them in striking distance, and 5 teams below them that see the Grizzlies as within easy striking distance. So do the Grizzlies finish in the Play-in tournament? Outside looking in the lottery?
  2. Here's the latest look at the Western Conference standings minus the top 3 spots. Schedule of last 11 games. I think the Grizzlies blew their chance to climb to 6th place or better with loss to New Orleans. But, stranger things have happened in seasons, so I'm not counting them out from getting a better playoff spot. But their schedule doesn't lend itself to that unless the Grizzlies play much better, Just look at who they have left to play.
  3. We are all disappointed, I hope, with the Grizzlies latest play. Will it continue or will the Grizzlies turn it around in time to move up in the standings to 6th or 5th? It will be hard because the schedule is against them. Here's my latest look at the remaining schedule.
  4. So here's an updated schedule. It's not looking good for the Grizzlies to move up after two terrible games against Dallas and Houston. As I write this Utah won, so they are more and more a lock on 4th. Here's the link to the schedule.
  5. I've posted a table of the final games of the Western Conference 3rd (Utah) to 7th (OKC) ranked teams. Check it out here: I've not posted for a long time, but will try to do it more.