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  1. southbluffsgrizzfan

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This sums it up. At least there will be some buzz around the franchise for good reasons this summer. The franchise needed it. The fan base needed it. Maybe it will attract a sharp coach who can grow with the team and JV/MC11 will stay around. JJJ plus the new pic and maybe a few more creative moves and the Grizz can get back to their playoff ways. But I cant lie, I cant stop thinking "what if......Zion......." well, you know. Close but we can still get a really really good player. Much better than picking 8th.
  2. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    who the he!! is John Collins??? We just lost to a team that almost literally doesnt want to play defense. John Collins??????? And ATL is TRYING to lose so they can get in the Zion Williamson sweepstakes. Of course MEM is in no man's land. No real chance for Zion but not going to be a great draft and the brilliant GM that he is--Chris Wallace--burned through 2 2nd round picks that would have been fairly decent so we could get Justin Holiday. John Collins??? 27 pts, 27 PTS 12 REBS... JCollins. WOW
  3. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    that is the equivalent of shooting 65% from 2 pt range. This whole league is becoming volume 3 pointers. Just keep chukking them up there cause all you have to do is shoot about 35% and you are golden. Need some rebounders and a rim protectors cause if the D runs you off the 3 pt line, its just drop your head down and go straight at the basket for a layup or dunk and maybe an and one. Its like Pop said a few years back, this is not basketball the way is should be played. Its some kind of bastardization of basketball that Daryl Morey and some other computer geeks have come up with. I know some will say Pop's teams shoot a lot of 3s, well he knows that if you are going to compete in this day and age, you are going to have to shoot 3s. MEM learned it about 3-4 years too late. I remember the Grizz were going to be Grit and Grind 2.0 and be the "different" team that nobody wanted to play like a wishbone team in football. Well that didnt last very long.
  4. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder - 3/3/19

    wow, yep, 12 empty possessions will do the trick. Jesus, that is absolutely ***** effing poor. My God how did we have 12 empty possessions? They had lost 4 straight so, of course, they were going to do what ever it took to get close then give ball to Russell Westbrook--punk extraordinaire and he wins it for them. We can do nothing to stop the bleeding.
  5. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder - 3/3/19

    we led that game just about the whole time until it came time for winning and Westbrook stepped up and hit a 3 to tie. We had an empty possession, Westbrook hit a 2 pointer to take the lead and that was it. Nobody on MEM team can step up, grow a pair and make a play.
  6. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Oklahoma City Thunder - 3/3/19

    does anyone think we have a chance in Hades to convince Valanciunas to opt in next season and offer him a 3-4 year deal? I know he isnt the cerebral player that Marc is but this guy is impressive and doesnt shy away from contact like MG does. To have a team with JJJ, Mike, JV at the PG, the 4 and the 5 then fill in the 2 and the 3--maybe Avery Bradley at the 2. Now we just need a wing player at the 3. Heck, I dont know but I do know that I hope and pray that JV would give us a shot and working out a deal. Im hoping a new GM would sit down with JV and show him how he can be a cornerstone of a building franchise that is ready to win in the next couple of seasons. I know JV most likely does not like it here, especially after coming from the city of TOR and the TOR team, but I wonder if he could consider staying. I truck load of money would have to be involved Im sure, but could he possibly want to stay?
  7. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    agreed. Good points
  8. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    Thanks for the info GamesOn. By the way, have visited your city a couple of times and I can most certainly see why Jonas is so enamored of it. Toronto is a world class city with such a great feel and great people. I love going up there. I know it had to really mess with Jonas's head when he got the news he was traded. Memphis will grow on you, but Jonas will need to see that there is something here to build upon. I just don't know if TOR would offer JV anything on the FA market if Gasol opts in-and Gasol most likely LOVES Toronto as well plus he is on a really good team so he wont opt out. He cannot make $25M anywhere else anyway. This is why I am praying that Pera will clean out the Front Office and get some new ideas and new leadership that will make MEM more attractive to JV. When we are making playoff runs and playing meaningful games in FEB and MAR, we have a great atmosphere at FedEx Forum as well. I guess we will just have to see how it plays out. Im not hopeful as long as CWallace is in charge.
  9. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    I think you are spot on. If we could show that we are building something and want JV to be part of it, maybe he would consider it, but BS like tonight and just about all other games does not give anybody any feeling that we are building anything. Pera has got to clean house and show the players he is serious about building something. Keeping Wallace is just saying I want the same ole same ole
  10. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    crapt. Im sure he will bolt as well. I like that guy. Wish he could be persuaded by another brand new creative front office to stay in MEM. The only thing is will he be giving up $$$ if he opts out? He loves Toronto so much and Im sure his world was rocked when he ended up in MEM. But he cant go back there most likely. I just hope they could convince him to give us a shot with a new GM.
  11. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    Is Jonas V's contract expiring after this season or do we have him for one more season?
  12. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers - 2/23/19

    gave up 16 3pt makes and make only 5 or so. Until this team figures out how to stop this kind of disparity, it might not win another game. They simply have no idea how to play defense as a team and they don't seem to interested in learning. CLE is tanking and we still cannot beat them because they are allowed to shoot the equivalent of shootaround 3pointers just about all game. Drive and kick, drive and kick, drive and kick. MEM falls for it every time and has no answer. We lose by 5 but get out scored by like 33 from the 3pt line. Look, I get that none of the players probably give a crapt. This season is toast. The ones that can get out of MEM will leave as soon as they can once the season is over. And Chris Wallace needs to just follow them out of town. He cannot even put together a team that can ensure that we convey the pick to BOS. The worst case scenario will happen. We will not convey the pick. We will most likely eff the draft up if Wallace et al are in charge. This team used to be the source of so much joy to so many of us. Now its just sad.
  13. southbluffsgrizzfan

    The positives

    after reading how Jonas V was so excited to go to shootaround today WITH TORONTO and was looking forward to the trade deadline passing with him staying in TOR, I fear that JV is going to be extremely disappointed in coming to MEM. Hey, I have been to TOR several times and I think its an absolutely GREAT city plus they are going to the playoffs and MEM is not. Im thinking JV is gonna be going through the motions
  14. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Grizzlies Last in NBA Team Valuations

    nothing will happen before 2027-2028. If Pera tries to move before then, the local group can buy the team (that is valued at about $1B) for $377M (what Pera's group paid Heisley). Yes, it sucks to be last, but just a few years ago, the team was worth less than $400M. Now its right at a billion and going up. If MEM could get a big raise in the local TV deal, it could be right with the other small market teams. Right now, the payroll is high and the revenues are down because of the rebuilding--non playoff status. But that can change. Pera has more than doubled his investment since he bought the Grizzlies. I don't see why it has to be assumed that he would want to move them. Im not saying he would not move them. I don't know. But if Pera will hire a sharp GM that will rebuild the team and get back to winning games, things will look up. To assume that Pera is letting things implode so he can scoop up the team in the middle of the night and move it to Seattle or San Jose would make him a pretty sorry fellow to do that to his fan base. I hope this is not the case. The franchise is growing in value fairly fast really. That should make Pera happy.
  15. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Hornets in strong discussions to get Marc, per Shams

    I hear ya. That's one thing I do respect Marc for. He wanted to stay and he knew what was ahead of the team. He told the team he wanted to stay. But I do see the necessity in getting assets for him. If Mike is the subject of a bidding war, Im surprised he is playing at all as fragile as Mike can be with his small frame