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  1. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    LOL. I think we can keep him around a little longer. But come on.......34-8? and its Orlando. This isnt the Lakers or Clippers.
  2. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies @ Orlando Magic - 11/8/2019

    Look, I get that Taylor Jenkins is developing a roster and he is putting together different lineups to gather data and maybe winning isnt the main priority right now, but they just lost the 4th qtr 34-8. 34 effing pts to 8!!!!!! Now that is just absolutely pathetic. I know this season is going to be rough but 34-8 and losing to another 2-5 team?????? MEM was within 6 points at the end of the 3rd and lost by freakin 32 pts. Now that is a flat out laydown or tank or we got some horrible players when it comes to winning time. That is just absolutely ridiculous to lose a quarter 34-8. No way ORL is some kind of lockdown defensive team that can just hold a team to 8 points . That was an embarrassment and I know we are trying to develop a roster and yada yada yada. 34-8???? Get out of here with that crap
  3. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies - 10//27/19

    That would explain it if we are tanking cause if Jonas is on a mins restriction and Jenkins is burning his mins up before the 4th, the he is an absolute IDIOT
  4. southbluffsgrizzfan

    What was worse? The officiating or the Grizz 4th qtr?

    it was also tough in the 4th qtr of the Chicago game home opener. Late in the game, our guys would make heroic efforts to get to the rim and end up on the floor with no call, but by God when ball hog Zach Lavine went in the lane and the Grizz forced a miss, whistles blew all over the place. MEM with all their young guys and rookie coach will get NO BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT by the refs. Just not gonna happen. Its total chit but its the way of the world for Memphis.
  5. Agreed that getting burnt trying to showboat will help him in the long run, but tonight, CWhite was by far the better rookie. It wasnt even close. White was more polished and played under control. Ja has tons of raw talent but it needs a lot of honing. I will bet that the Chicago coaching staff did not fear Ja hardly at all late in the 4th quarter. They know he cannot shoot the 3 and he hasnt developed the midrange game that he needs cause the posterizing dunk days are more or less over for a while. NBA players wont allow that. CWhite meanwhile looked like he was in a totally different league than Ja. But Ja will get better. I know he will.......I hope he will.
  6. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Just got back from Fedex Forum and let me tell anyone who wasnt there. Cobey (sp?) White made an arse of Ja Morant. He played within himself and he actually could hit a shot when he shot the ball. He got to the rim and finished whereas Ja is still locked in his Murray St days where he thinks he can just go to the rim, jump higher than his defender and simply make an ESPN posterizing dunk. Well Ja, you are not in college anymore. That dog wont hunt right now. These are men you are playing with who are just as fast as you are and bigger and you arent going to do that on a regular level. CWhite on the other hand was under control (except for his chaotic hair). He was the 2nd best player on the Bulls team after the totally selfish Zach Lavine. That kid is such a ball hog. Sure he scored 37 but it was all about him and his selfish ways, plus the refs bailed him out several times by putting him on the line after he went in the lane out of control. I know Ja is in his 2nd NBA game but the quicker he learns that this isnt college anymore and what worked back then isnt going to work up here the better. He dribbled too much and killed the clock in the 4th qtr and I was glad when Tyus Jones came in for a few minutes. I knew when Ja came back in that the game was most likely over. I am so tired of having guards who simply cannot shoot and we have another one in Ja. Now I know he is supposed to be developing and I get that he has to play. I am hoping that he does get better. He does have raw talent, but he is absolutely no threat to score late in the game. Mike Conley developed himself into a guard who could hit big shots late in the game but it took years. Ja needs to do the same. Dont get me wrong. I like Ja. I am glad we have him, but I can safely say even after only 2 NBA games that he wont even come close to winning rookie of the year. CWhite looked so much more polished. I didnt even know who he was when he came in the game with that wild hair, but it was quickly apparent that the better rookie on the court by far---BY FAR was CWhite. Ja is also a victim of the Memphis curse on shooters. All you have to do is put on a Grizzlies uniform and all ability to shoot the ball consistently is lost. He never was known for his great shooting but he offers no threat that the defense must be worried about late in the game now. Hopefully in time he will learn how to stay in control and get to the rim and actually FINISH. The key thing is actually finishing. My hope for Ja is that he learns how to do that. He is a liability on defense because he is TINY. So he needs to make up for it with savvy, under control play on offensive end. My goodness can we imagine what Kyrie will do to Ja if Ja ends up on him Sunday? It wont be pretty.
  7. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    He would stick around for this to keep getting a check and get to be flown around to watch basketball. He might not fly first class and stay in suites as a GM (not sure if he did it when he was GM) , but he has nothing else to do. No other team is going to hire him because he is useless. As the OP, GF#1, said in the opening post, seeing what a proactive, sharp, forward thinking FO can do in just a few weeks simply proves that Wallace, who is incredibly loyal, was just cashing checks and living the life of an NBA GM. There are only 30 GMs so he was in an exclusive club and he rode that wave for as long as he possibly could but King Kleiman et al are exposing Wallace for what he really was when he was in charge--a joke.
  8. southbluffsgrizzfan

    How many draft picks do the Grizzlies have?

    OKC has a ton of 1st round picks. They got a kings ransom for PG13. When they trade RWestbrook, Sam Presti will have even more picks. Its scary to think that OKC once had Serge Ibaka, Harden, RWestbrook, KDurant and when Russell is traded, OKC will have torn it all down and will build it back again with like 20 first round picks. ūüėč LOL. MEM no longer has any of the Core 4 or Rudy Gay and is trying to build it back up. Such is life in the NBA. King Kleiman may be a budding Sam Presti, but Presti (who learned at the feet of Pop and RC Buford) is "da man" when it comes to building a franchise in a small market.
  9. southbluffsgrizzfan

    1st piece to puzzle resolved...D Wright

    you mean "drivin that train/high on (*&(*&^/casey jones you better watch your speed?" They seem to be just wheelin and dealin and flippin and stockpilin. I do agree that maybe the Delon thing might not have been exactly what they wanted. But who knows? King Kleiman has more moves up he sleeve I bet.
  10. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Thanks for the info. To be honest, I missed the fact that Hollinger is gone. I thought he stayed around when they made the FO shake up. But ok. Makris and TayTay. Well good job guys. (and RPera). Looks like we are getting some national love concerning the FO moves.
  11. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Chip, who do you think is masterminding this thing? RIch Cho? Somebody is actually thinking maybe 2-3 moves ahead so we know its not CWallace. If it was Chris, we would have given away all our 2nd rounders and have a bunch of former McDonald's All Americans who peaked in high school It appears Cho and Grunwald are rockin and rollin. Maybe Hollinger is throwing in some analytics. And Kleiman is sitting back and letting these basketball guys do basketball things. Seems to be working well. I was just curious as to who is driving this bus for the most part.
  12. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    I know that you are most likely right, but he has a couple of titles. He might actually enjoy being at ground zero of an up and coming franchise that has some good building blocks (Morant/JJJJJJacksonJr/BrandonClarke) plus some good pieces like Jonas V, Delon Wright, et al. Who knows, Iggy might like playing in Memphis and the change of pace. Now remember I said MIGHT. He might turn his nose up at the Grizzlies and tell them he wont report and demand to be moved or bought out. But maybe Tayshaun can talk to him and feel him out and point out how good our airport is. He might want to stick around til the trade deadline and see what develops.
  13. southbluffsgrizzfan

    2019 NBA DRAFT

    This sums it up. At least there will be some buzz around the franchise for good reasons this summer. The franchise needed it. The fan base needed it. Maybe it will attract a sharp coach who can grow with the team and JV/MC11 will stay around. JJJ plus the new pic and maybe a few more creative moves and the Grizz can get back to their playoff ways. But I cant lie, I cant stop thinking "what if......Zion......." well, you know. Close but we can still get a really really good player. Much better than picking 8th.
  14. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    who the he!! is John Collins??? We just lost to a team that almost literally doesnt want to play defense. John Collins??????? And ATL is TRYING to lose so they can get in the Zion Williamson sweepstakes. Of course MEM is in no man's land. No real chance for Zion but not going to be a great draft and the brilliant GM that he is--Chris Wallace--burned through 2 2nd round picks that would have been fairly decent so we could get Justin Holiday. John Collins??? 27 pts, 27 PTS 12 REBS... JCollins. WOW
  15. southbluffsgrizzfan

    Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks 3/13/2019

    that is the equivalent of shooting 65% from 2 pt range. This whole league is becoming volume 3 pointers. Just keep chukking them up there cause all you have to do is shoot about 35% and you are golden. Need some rebounders and a rim protectors cause if the D runs you off the 3 pt line, its just drop your head down and go straight at the basket for a layup or dunk and maybe an and one. Its like Pop said a few years back, this is not basketball the way is should be played. Its some kind of bastardization of basketball that Daryl Morey and some other computer geeks have come up with. I know some will say Pop's teams shoot a lot of 3s, well he knows that if you are going to compete in this day and age, you are going to have to shoot 3s. MEM learned it about 3-4 years too late. I remember the Grizz were going to be Grit and Grind 2.0 and be the "different" team that nobody wanted to play like a wishbone team in football. Well that didnt last very long.