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  1. Hornets kill it from 3 and hit alot of crazy shots. We lost however the game was still super fun to watch.
  2. I just don't get this long break who decided to do it??? 6 days between preseason games is awful . P.s also we played two scrub teams not for the NBA.
  3. costarica2

    JV Shut Down The Rest Of The Preseason

    Dude play all summer he needs the rest now because I don't see him getting any in the season.
  4. costarica2

    Grizz on National TV

    That's why players don't want to come here... Well is part of it.
  5. costarica2


    Can we get rid of all of them?? They all suck ever so much .
  6. Woah so that's basically a 6 or 5 day break between games????who is doing this schedules.
  7. Just because teams will do it doesn't mean it will work. Twin towers might comeback yes but I'll see it when it actually happends.
  8. Why are twin towers coming back?I don't see that at all ...maybe the Lakers will do it but that's just one team.
  9. -Dillon just awful he needs to wait for a opening. -JA legit play maker doesn't even need a pick and roll to set guys up. -JJJ is not fouling like last year but still looks sloppy at times on offense. -Clarke had STONE hands tonight ja set him up all game but he was not try. -Allen has killed all off-season so far.
  10. costarica2

    Where Are the Moderators/Admins?

    I vote for lilojmayo as master mod he has my full support. P.s maybe I<3JV is lilojmayo in disguise as a Serbian or were ever JV is from and he is still playing us all along!!!!!!! I'm probably paranoid 😲.
  11. This team is just FUN I'm sure that we will see some ugly Ls this year but who cares. When I look at this roster I actually want see all this guys play and develop (except for hill and plumble). Last year we had guys like Mack and Temple playing a MUCH of minutes players who I truly did not want it to see play even when we won.
  12. costarica2

    Open Practice Oct 5 at MUS

    So this won't be broadcast right?
  13. costarica2

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    This whole JA and TY Jones playing together sounds great on offense. But on defense it sounds awful Ja is a great athlete and will play the passing lanes but defense is not one of his strengths and Ty is just to short to take on anyone except the other PGs. All of our guards are average or below defenders.
  14. costarica2

    Training Camp Opens September 30th

    Also saw that JJJ gained 20 lbs is that right ???