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  1. costarica2

    Suns fans on Booker

    I for one rather go for a long SF type with potential to replace Kyle/Winslow in the future. Miles Bridges comes to mind or someone like that.
  2. costarica2

    Suns fans on Booker

    We saw Marshan Brooks doing that for us a few years back. Getting buckets on a trash team means nothing if he or any of those guys do that on a playoff team plz let me know.
  3. costarica2

    Suns fans on Booker

    I don't undestand why people think I'm crazy with the Booker hate?? Dude is one of the worst defenders in the NBA in the past 3 years he has 0 leadership skills and refuses to past the ball. Plus there has been reports/rumours that he is a TERRIBLE teammate. Do you guys really want thar here?????!!!!!
  4. costarica2

    Suns fans on Booker

    Well you know what I mean dude has 0 impact on the game when it comes to Ws. His teams are horrible because he makes them horrible all he wants is his stats amd that's it.
  5. costarica2

    Suns fans on Booker

    Bookers is trash I don't want him anywhere near our team. Stat padder
  6. costarica2

    All Star Ja

    I still have Mike in my avatar lol. Maybe some how they both make it?? If I had to pick it would be Ja though.
  7. costarica2

    Grizz Getting Off On Opponents

    The defense is what has impress me the rookies are better than expected on that end but guys like JA and Grayson improve a bit on that end something I never saw coming.
  8. costarica2

    Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/18/21

    Allen start it slow but he has hit alot of bigs shots and Fts lately.
  9. costarica2

    Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/18/21

    This doesn't soung right.
  10. costarica2

    Phoenix Suns vs Memphis Grizzlies - 1/18/21

    So one of our guys has the virus doesn't that mean the whole rest of the team should be out aswell with contact tracing?
  11. Our front office gives our players alot of time to get back 100% healthy and I agree with that. However I think we are reaching the point were Wislow has to start playing dude has almost 2 years without basketball.
  12. Part of JVs awful PNR defense is coaching I think we want teams to take that mid range shot.However you HAVE to mix it up. Tillmam is putting up clinic on pick n Roll defense very Dreymond green like. JV is who he is at this point dude is a warrior inside but the lack of foot speed is not going to get any better on defense.
  13. Really impress my by Tillman yet again.
  14. Simmons always kicks our butts for some reason