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  1. costarica2

    Memphis Grizzlies players on twitter

    I really don't like JV going bald Marc did the same for a while it just doesn't look good.JV's hairline was legit as well he had no issues I just don't get it. ^i know this is totally irrelevant by the way lol.
  2. costarica2

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    Trae Young's issue (defense)is unfixable because of how small he is.
  3. costarica2

    3J workout video

    Again atleast with Jaren we kind of already know his floor which is a 3pt shooter and a good swicht /rim defender at 7FT which is really good if you ask me.
  4. costarica2

    3J workout video

    The value is his shooting and ability to swicht on pick rolls on defense those two traits are really what today's NBA is all about. However he has alot of room for improvements. 1.Fouling - this issue needs to get fix first in order to make any future progress. 2.Body -to skinny can't rebound. 3.come up with some type of mid range shot or game.
  5. costarica2

    Grizz 8 Games

    3 pm games :0
  6. costarica2

    Grizz 8 Games

    Will there be any warm up /preason games?
  7. costarica2

    Grizz May Terminate FEF Lease

    This I'm not even from or in Memphis and this is so annoying bascially every 3 or 4 months we get a story about us moving.
  8. costarica2

    Grizz 8 Games

    Woah we are gonna have to come out on fire early on those last 3 games are brutal.
  9. Jevon Carter is a bad player in today's NBA alot of fans and media loved him here because of his grit & grind type of play but skill wise he was just terrible. When this trade happend I was really suprise but it was also a sign that C Wallace was gone and smarter ppl were running the team.
  10. costarica2

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    The smart move is to have a smaller rotation no reason to play 12 guys for 8 games especially for a young team like us. In my opinion playing a 10 player rotation would be ideal with SlowMO and Allen on the bench.
  11. I for one was not happy at the beginning the chesmisty was just not there especially with Jaren at the 4 and all the running from Morant. However just like Tyus JV found his role and players trust him now. If JV wants to take his game to the next lvl he has to get better on defense and that's really hard to do for a 272 pound 7ft Center in today's NBA.
  12. costarica2

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    I was going to say we should go super young and run all over the place but almost everyone in the roster is able to do that.JV is clearly the curve ball we are gonna need him in some games because he is a match up problem. Kyle Anderson is a big question for me especially with Winslow coming back.
  13. costarica2


    SIgh we are so unlucky I'm angry at this but excited at the same time. F it lets go show the NBA we are the team of the future.
  14. costarica2

    What is fair?

    I personally disagree with going along with what the league decides we will most likely get screw.
  15. costarica2

    What is fair?

    What do you guys think our front office /owner or gm are saying during all this meetings coming up??? Hopely they don't get push around by the NBA just because of our small market. I bet if the tables were flip us in the 11th seat and Zion at the 8th the NBA would totally ignore the bubble teams.