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  1. costarica2

    Andre Iguodala/Dwight Powell

    Powell was having a great season that really sucks for them.
  2. costarica2

    Memphis Grizzlies @Boston Celtics 1/22/20

    Just play our game and just get better win or lose. I think during the NOLA game guys were nervous and try to press to much.
  3. Came out flat Pels had a historic 3 point shooting game.
  4. Must win. I really thing this is going to be a new rivalry we need to shut this guys at home on a national TV game start it.
  5. If you look at their position the value is with JA at PG. With that said we just don't know alot about Zion yet when it comes to NBA.
  6. Not only Dillion but everyone around the team has said the same thing Jae and Hill are key vets. However If the right deal comes in you have to take it. Lets say the Grizz get another Melton (wing version) and and a second you have to take it.
  7. Jaren's Defense especially at the end of games is getting better and better.
  8. Jaren with the BLOCKS!!!
  9. The only way the Rockets win this one is if Harden plays the whole half.
  10. costarica2

    Keeping Melton

    Lol at the suns and Jevon Carter.
  11. I believe we will get atleast 2 second round picks from Iggy.
  12. costarica2

    It is time to talk about Jonas Valanciunas

    I ❤️ JV but I really don't like I ❤️JV. Forealz last year I was one of his top fans here ....but his country fans this year (some)are such a turn off (not recently) that it turn me into a JV hater.
  13. Just saw the game game having a guy like Jonas for this type of games were the other team has basically no bigs is a luxury.