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    Dissecting Chris Wallace

    I think the answer is really quite simple. The man is a bumbling idiot who, for whatever unknown reason(s), was allowed significant influence with the franchise for far longer than he ever should have. Sometimes people just suck at their jobs.
  2. GTG

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    I feel ya bro, it’s just getting tougher and tougher to keep hopes up though. At this point, Memphis has had an NBA team for nearly 20 years. In that time, we’ve never truly been a contender (one fluke WCF appearance where we got swept anyways does not count), and every time we seem to take a step forward, we then take 3 steps back. Even now, we’re 2 years in to what could be a 4-5 year re-build, and if the trend of ‘super teams’ continues in the NBA, we’ll still be behind the 8 ball to actually be a championship contender. Ill always be a fan, but I’d be fooling myself if I didn’t acknowledge that it gets harder and harder every year to get excited that we may be a contender. 20 years of nothing speaks volumes.
  3. GTG

    Am i the only one that really isn't happy for Marc...

    Memphis is, in reality, a G-League team that just so happens to be in the NBA. Players come here and develop into better players, then leave for a real franchise and find success.
  4. What kind of blackmail does Chris Wallace have on Pera that he will never be fired?
  5. Folks, the title says it all. The debacle with Gasol this week is the final straw in a storied history of incompetent, idiotic, and outright unacceptable management of this organization spearheaded by Chris Wallace. We are yet again the laughing stock of the NBA, and there is seemingly no plan whatsoever moving forward. And frankly, I for one have zero confidence in the man/men currently making these decisions. And apparently, Robert Pera is completely fine with this disaster of a situation. There's no other explanation at this point other than he simply does not care. Well perhaps it is time we as the fan base make him care. Maybe there starts to be an effect on the almighty dollar, there will be some sort of action. As of this moment, until Chris Wallace has been terminated and a permanent replacement installed, I will not spend a SINGLE CENT on this organization. This includes: no ticket purchases, no merchandise purchases, no watching of games on television, and no listening to games on radio. I urge all of my fellow fans to join in on this movement. We have subjected to the horrible product this organization puts out on the floor as a direct result of the inept management for long enough. We are the ones that pay the bills, we are the ones that support the team. We have the power to withdraw said support pending the demand for change. It is our time to act. Who's with me?? Make the pledge. BOYCOTT THE MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES UNTIL CHRIS WALLACE HAS BEEN FIRED!
  6. Looks like we’re up to 10 signatures on this petition already!
  7. BUT you're forgetting the gas to get downtown, the $15 parking fees, and the $12 burger and fries. Malco ftw!!
  8. Still pretty pricy for what you're getting though... A Malco ticket is $12 and now they're coming out with the fancy reclining seats
  9. Just to say we did something? It sure as heck doesn't help the team in the future at all. We give away our one All Star and the only long-term piece we get is a SECOND round pick in FIVE years? Are you kidding me? We're gonna be scraping the bottom of the barrel for years to come now.
  10. Get ready to be the laughing stock of the NBA again. Probably for a decade or more this time.
  11. GTG

    Big Spain Appreciation Thread

    An overpaid softy who always had a chip on his shoulder. Good riddance,
  12. The absolutely horrible Gasol trade we just made only solidifies the movement. BOYCOTT NOW!!!!!
  13. This isn't a religion you need to blindly follow no matter what happens. The NBA is entertainment business. You pay for it. If your hometown team isn't producing an entertaining product because of horribly moronic and unacceptable management, withholding support will initiate changes. Capitalism 101, supply and demand. The supply is crap, the demand is for change/a better product. But if you want to throw your money away because of some superficial loyalty that you believe makes you feel your a part of something bigger than yourself, be my guest. These aren't the troops your supporting, it's a bunch of millionaires and billionaires.
  14. I seriously doubt for as long as Wallace has been around that he's nothing more than some punching bag figurehead that's covering for someone else who's really making the decisions. Tbh, I think that starts getting into the realm of conspiracy theories. An organization that is so poorly managed as this one isn't going to shell out a huge salary and give a guy a significant title literally just to cover someone else's butt. It's simple: he's an idiot, he makes most if not all of the decisions, but his bosses don't care for whatever reason. It's time we make them care. BOYCOTT!!!!!
  15. Hmm that’s odd, I’m no lawyer, but I would swear a for-profit organization utilizing volunteers would be some type of labor violation. Even if they let them use the arena one day as compensation, these people are selling things and making a profit for the Grizzlies. That’s hundreds of positions that would be great jobs for a high school kid, or a single parent looking to make some extra cash, or whomever. And none of them get that opportunity because of this shady business going on.
  16. If it's churches/organizations providing free labor, perhaps there's an agreement the organization is allowed a cut of the sales? Like a donation? I kind of doubt they would provide that much free labor for 41+ days a year just to use the facility once. That would explain the outrageous pricing at least. There'd have to be enough margin for the church (or whoever) to take a cut, while still leaving room for the Grizzlies to make a profit.
  17. Wow, and you certainly don't get what you're paying for with the crappy product this franchise puts out on the floor these days. All of the cities above us are WAYY larger markets with much higher income levels, and the vast majority of them have been legitimate Championship contenders in recent history. What justifies us being so high on this list? I may be wrong on this and someone can correct me if so, but I thought a few years back (prior to the Playoff years), the Grizzlies were the most affordable team in the league to go see. Why such a drastic change in the past decade? Do they really think a couple years of being a mediocre first-round exit Playoff team justifies jacking prices through the roof? I recall being able to go to games and sit court-side for well under $100 back then. Now that's the 'average'? Really?
  18. Another piece to consider though, do we as a fan base really 7 years of making the Playoffs and consistently being eliminated in the first or second round (with one fluke appearance in the WCF) as “success”? Wallace has been more or less the guy in the drivers’ seat for well over a decade and there are still zero banners flying in FedexForum, and we’ve never been a legitimate title contender. Nowhere outside of Memphis would that be a considered “success” but apparently a lot of people were thrilled with mediocrity. Just getting to the Playoffs for a couple seasons in a row should never be the goal to aim for. Is Wallace the guy that bring this franchise to a championship one day? You’re a fool if you think so. The dude’s had 11 years and we haven’t gotten close.
  19. At this point, I wouldn’t be opposed to implementing a fan-boycott of the franchise until Wallace is removed. We’ve dealt with this crap for too long, and have a sub par, or downright terrible team for far too many seasons with him in the driver’s seat. Maybe ownership will finally take notice if it starts to hit them in the wallet. No attendance, no merchandise purchases, no league pass subscriptions, ZERO dollars go into Pera and company’s pocket until Wallace is out.
  20. GTG

    Grizz Finally Get A Jersey Sponsor

    Really wish we had a team where a “major announcment” that’s hyped up for over a week was more than a uniform downgrade, logo update so minor 99% of people won’t even notice, and a slightly different court. All have absolutely nothing to do with winning games.
  21. GTG

    New Flooring

    They call every change a “major announcement/breaking news” and hype it up. Too bad they’ve never been able to announce a championship parade down Beale St. And probably never will the way we’re managed. But hey, a new floor is cool I guess.
  22. Precisely. Saying the players' inexcusable lack of effort is basically because the fans have hurt their feelings or something is the stupidest excuse possible. From both a talent and a professionalism perspective, this current Grizzlies squad may very well be the worst team in NBA history to be consistently taking the floor. It's an absolute embarrassment to the fans, and the city.
  23. This is ridiculous. At the end of the day, these are "professionals" that are all getting 6-7 figure salaries to play a game. If they can't so much as even try to put an entertaining product out on the floor, they don't deserve their jobs. Fans will be fans, they say stuff all the time, it's the players jobs to play and give it 100% every night no matter what. This team doesn't do that. That's their problem and nobody else's.
  24. It's moves like the Durant signing why I'm really starting to dislike the NBA as a league. Only 2 or 3 teams realistically have a shot at the title nowadays (barring injuries) because the league doesn't have the guts to stop all the superstars from ganging up. The Heat model changed how the NBA functions. It doesn't matter if you draft well, or have a great coaching staff, or even build a strong team anymore, it all boils down to what the top players in the league want to do. You look at something like the NFL in comparison it's virtually a different team every year that wins the Super Bowl. For at least the next year, unless you're a Cavs or a Warriors fan, you're hopes of seeing a title in your city is basically 0. It's just stupid.