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  1. Yay another vote for team Joerger!! lol IMO he really has the potential to be a great NBA coach. That's why I'm not all that upset with losing Lionel as long as we can sign DJ.
  2. Alright, well let me rephrase: I believe Joerger deserves a significantly higher amount of credit than Hollins in regards to the defense given he was in charge of that particular aspect of the game plan.
  3. Here are some more sources to the Joerger/defensive strategy if anyone still thinks I'm making it up:
  4. Dude, do you understand what it means to delegate the responsibilities of a task to someone? Hollins delegated the defensive strategy to Joerger meaning he was IN CHARGE of the defense.
  5. From ESPN: Please do your research before you assume someone just made something up. Joerger was in charge of constructing the defense. That is a FACT not an opinion or a theory,
  6. Also, the decision on whether to resign a coach or not may not be entirely reliant on basketball. Hollins has some personality defects (particularly aggression) that are unappealing to the franchise. He openly criticized the FO for the Gay trade, had the confrontation with Hollinger, and obviously the shove of JB. Not to mention the dispute with Barry Hecker that we don't have a lot of details about. There's a point where stuff like this just can't be ignored. We as fans probably don't know how extensive these issues go either. We may just see the tip of the iceberg.
  7. EXACTLY! Just because someone carries the "head coach" title doesn't mean they should automatically be given full credit for all successes. Obviously he deserves some, but he simply is NOT the greatest coach on the planet that should be given whatever kind of a contract he wants. He obviously is overvaluing himself and is predictably being stubborn with his "my way or the highway" approach. It appears this time, it's the highway for LH.
  8. Ok, here's a thought for the pro-Hollins fans: it is undeniable that the Grizzlies strong point that has ultimately helped them reach the level of success they are currently at is defense. We now have the #1 defense in the NBA. Hollins may have been the conductor that said the focus should be put on the defensive end, but as it is now common knowledge, the team's entire defensive strategy has been designed by Dave Joerger. Hollins had little if anything to do with the actual defensive plan. With that understanding, why is it fair to assume all of the Grizzlies success is attributed to Lionel when in fact Joerger was in charge of the very thing that has made us successful? If we can retain DJ, we will be just fine (if not better). Those of you who seem to be attached to Lionel at the hip need to realize this isn't the end of the world.
  9. Well yes, that's fair. But someone saying a coaching change alone will automatically put us back in the lottery though is absurd. With or without Hollins, this team (as is currently constructed) is in the Playoffs. Period. The question is, would Joerger be the guy who can help us turn the corner and win a Championship. My gut says yes.
  10. Are you implying if we lose Hollins and sign Joerger as head coach we won't even make the Playoffs? Get outta here! We will be at or above the level we were at this year.
  11. Accorng to ESPN: Man, Hollins really is like public enemy #1 inside the organization. It seems like only person that doesn't hate him is Conley and that's probably because Lionel has treated him like his own kid from day 1.
  12. I think Hollins believes he's the ONLY person that knows how to make the team successful. IMO it's inappropriate for a coach to be lashing out in anger like Hollins does whenever a player or FO person does something he doesn't like. Btw, I know it's just speculation but I have to wonder: if LH is willing to push one his players during a WCF game on live national TV, I really wonder what he does to players in practice when nobody else is around. Perhaps there was a specific reason Hollinger decided to drop in on the practice? Not accusing Lionel of anything at this point, but it's possible. We all heard about the Mike Rice situation this year and nobody thought that was going on...
  13. Does Lionel have anger issues? That's a serious question. I think dude needs help.
  14. How are you supposed to know if a player's good or not if you never play them? It became an obvious trend in Lionel's book: if you're a rookie, you don't play. Period. That's why talent with a LOT of potential (Wroten) sat on the bench all year while a "veteran" (Dooling) was allowed to stink it up on the floor. It's a coaching bias that has seriously stunted this team's development, IMO.
  15. I've absolutely loved the "Grit/Grind" era (and I hope we keep the motto) but as we saw this year, there's only so far a system like that can go. I'm not trying to minimize our accomplishments or anything, but there IS a big difference between qualifying for the WCF and winning a Championship. It's time to start moving in a new direction.
  16. Lol, good point. Hollins was putting us on a road to failure. The revolving door we've had with rookies has been crazy. It's hurt our future. He basically developed Mike/Marc and said that was enough.
  17. Kind of a dumb move on his end to shut things down with the Grizzlies this early. With Memphis out of the picture, other teams will probably feel less pressured to give him top money. I think it's obvious that his attitude did him in. The JB push on the bench right before getting swept (and on live national TV) was probably the last straw for the FO.
  18. For sure. You don't voluntarily allow someone to talk with other teams a month before his contract ends unless you've lostnterest in retaining him. It's the end of an era, but the start of a new one too. I smell a championship if we can grab DJ.
  19. Well, bye Lionel. He deserves props for what he accomplished, but he's simply hit his ceiling. His "my way, or the highway" technique cannot take this team to the next level. It seems he's even using this philosophy in his contract negotiations. Hire Joerger immediately.
  20. GTG

    Record Comparison

    SixthMan, I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say thank you for another season of awesome game threads (and other valuable stat threads like this one). You truly are appreciated!
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    Hamed Haddadi Appreciation Thread

    What the heck are you talking about? YOU are the one who changed this thread into yet another stage for your ridiculous "Haddadi is amazing" campaign. I thought you quit this site anyways? That sure lasted long.
  22. Or, you can buy one of each and switch back and forth depending on which team is winning (like many LA fans)
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    Nut Heads IV

    If anyone cares, Sidney Lowe was arrested today...
  24. Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be me. Just add a few extra people to the team who we know are very active. Sixthman would be another good choice, IMO. I'm just available for the job if they want to give it to me. Seriously, mods used to be extremely active around here. Now they only seem to post once every 6 months. What happened? Just a few years ago, a topic like this would have been locked almost immediately.
  25. Well I think it's a pretty good campaign considering none of the current mods seem to be active around here anymore. No offense intended towards the current mod team, but we need people actively 'patrolling' these forums not just responding to reports. If not me, then some other veteran, active poster. Chip perhaps? Either way, I really love this board and I think it's starting to really go downhill with the lack of tidiness.