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  1. Defense? You mean like the foul with 1 second on the clock that handed the game to San Antonio on a silver platter? 😂😂
  2. Next game? He’s trash. Never let him play in a Memphis jersey again. Period.
  3. DB should never play in a Grizzlies jersey again. What a JOKE of a “player.” Pure trash.
  4. I never wants to see DB in a Grizzlies jersey again.
  5. The Spurs literally giving Memphis every chance to win this.
  6. Oh ok, we’re good again, I’m chill
  7. Pop isn’t wearing his mask! Time for a fine and suspension!!
  8. When have we ever been “good”? How many banners do you see flying in FEF? Don Poir doesn’t count.
  9. So you’re saying one fluke year out of 2 decades where we made it to the Conference Finals (and then got embarrassingly swept) is accomplishment enough? Come on bruh
  10. You’re cool with never competing for anything for 2 decades and still sucking?
  11. Different rosters, same results for 20 years. Either total crap, or mediocrity at their “best.” This is a joke.
  12. We’re the biggest joke of a franchise in pro sports. 20 years of crap. Can’t even compete in the glorified summer league. What a joke.
  13. I hope so. You don’t realize how much having a crowd there adds to the experience but it really does.
  14. Does anyone else get the feeling this is just a glorified summer league? Just doesn’t have the same level of excitement.
  15. Grizzlies attendance is that bad? Lol
  16. It’s more about getting the FedEx logo everywhere.
  17. Anyone have a reliable link to watch the game?
  18. GTG


    This whole idea is stupid and just a publicity stunt by Silver who’s trying to make a name for himself. Just forget it and start focusing on the 20/21 season. Nobody wants to see this social science experiment where the quality on the court is going to be compromised either way.
  19. GTG

    Can this NBA season be saved?

    Silver trying to keep false hope alive is really getting annoying. It’s obvious to anyone with any shred of common sense that the 19/20 season is over. Trying to come up with some over-complicated, frankly silly “solution” to play it out is just stupid. Would winning a championship in some mini playoff tournament played in Vegas or wherever after teams haven’t played for 3 months really mean anything in the long run anyways? No. Silver needs to get out of fantasy land and just accept that this season is over. Start coming up with a plan on how to handle 2020-21.
  20. I sometimes wonder why I don’t frequent this forum as often as I used to. Then I log on to see a thread on the season being suspended due to a virus has turned into pages upon pages of 9/11 conspiracy theory arguments. Absolutely ridiculous.
  21. Sorry y’all, had to do it... April Fools 😬