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  1. So the logic is just showing up in the Playoffs automatically makes you better? It’s not like a post season game is some magic event that if you just step out on the court you’re gifted immense improvements.
  2. There’s a better chance with a few adjustments. But risking a possible injury to someone like Ja could be devastating in the long term. It’s all strategic.
  3. The goal should be to win a championship, not just make the Playoffs. That’s been this franchise’s only goal for 20 years and nothing has come from it. Going into a post season where there’s no realistic chance to compete, but there is a reasonable chance at sustaining additional significant injuries that could impact next year. Focus on addressing the problems, staying healthy, and working towards a championship next year.
  4. It avoids any more injuries at least. Why not just regroup and try and work on some improvements for whatever the league decides to do with the 20/21 season? We’ve already lost JJ to this summer league.
  5. You think getting crushed in the first round is an experience that’s going to help build their confidence?
  6. Yeah but then we get the Lakers.
  7. True. I just have some OJ flashbacks watching DB chuck up contested shots with plenty of time to shoot lolz
  8. Who was the more selfish player? OJ Mayo back in the day or DB? Tough contest.
  9. Toronto announcers implying the Grizzlies should have stayed/should move back to Vancouver.
  10. Grayson Allen has really impressed me so far. It’s such a refresher to have someone who can consistently and regularly knock down the 3 ball.
  11. Doesn’t mean I won’t stick around. 🤷‍♂️
  12. DB is just an extremely selfish player, always looking for his own shot (and not making good shot selection while at it), and trying to pad his stats. 0 effort to play team oriented basketball.
  13. Yes for sure have a great day!
  14. Oh yes, it’s quite obvious I do.
  15. Sometimes the truth is simple 🤷‍♂️
  16. This team SUCKS!!!! 😡😡😡😡
  17. Constipation hurts, but so does the truth.
  18. 20 years of crap from this franchise. What a waste of time. Move to Seattle already and put Memphis out of its misery.
  19. It’s just terrible. We literally look like a G league team that showed up by mistake. These guys get paid millions of dollars to play like this? Yikes.
  20. Withdraw from the bubble while we still can. Save whatever tiny shred of dignity might remain. We can’t even compete in the glorified summer league. What an absolute disgrace.
  21. The Grizzlies need to just withdraw from the “bubble” now. What an absolute JOKE this team is. The Memphis Grizzlies: underperforming and disappointing for 20 years.
  22. Glad to know my legacy has lived on in my absence. 😎