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  1. Feel free to ignore if you don’t like, nobody asked for your opinion.
  2. Lol 14 FTs for POR, 2 for MEM. #fixed
  3. NBA refs have been corrupt for decades, it’s a known fact, and it’s usually the smaller markets that get the short end of the stick.
  4. You realize there’s a play-by-play with scores and stats if you go to, right?
  5. Real horrible. Time to fire Jenkins.
  6. Double digit deficit already. Game over. Bubble over. Season over.
  7. Yep, it’s pretty clear who the officials placed their bets on for this game already.
  8. Refs already trying to be a factor 15 seconds in.
  9. They don’t care, not like it made any difference for them.
  10. End of the season. No way we beat this Portland team twice.
  11. Coach is expendable as well.
  12. Well if history proves to be true, he’ll sit through a couple more mediocre seasons with this franchise and then jump ship over to somewhere he can (and will) win a championship. It’s what’s happened for the past 20 years with the Grizzlies any time we have a decent player.
  13. The fact that Morant is still on the floor is evidence enough that Jenkins needs to be fired.
  14. This team sucks so bad it’s not even funny. Please fire Jenkins tonight.
  15. Can’t even make free throws. This team is such an embarrassment.
  16. He needs to be fired, especially after this embarrassment showing in Orlando is over. A joke of a coach.
  17. FIRE JENKINS!!! How on EARTH can you not challenge that??
  18. Is Brooks ever going to realize he’s not Lebron James?
  19. Can we PLEASE just forfeit the rest of the stupid bubble? This is an absolute embarrassment. We look like a G league team that showed up by mistake. A total disgrace.
  20. Ah must just be my phone browser, thanks man
  21. Don’t see their logo on the schedule page, just one option for “Boston Celtics vs. Memphis Grizzlies”
  22. Is there a reason nbaxyz never uses the Memphis feed? The Boston announcers are pure trash.
  23. No, I’m saying the risk of potential injuries and that effect long-term outweighs the benefits of showing up to a postseason where we’re not going to compete anyways. What is this team going to do if Ja goes down with a major injury playing the Lakers? We’d be toast for years. Plus, this is barely a real Playoff season anyways. This whole thing is a glorified summer league. It’s just not worth the risks.