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  1. Constipation hurts, but so does the truth.
  2. 20 years of crap from this franchise. What a waste of time. Move to Seattle already and put Memphis out of its misery.
  3. It’s just terrible. We literally look like a G league team that showed up by mistake. These guys get paid millions of dollars to play like this? Yikes.
  4. Withdraw from the bubble while we still can. Save whatever tiny shred of dignity might remain. We can’t even compete in the glorified summer league. What an absolute disgrace.
  5. The Grizzlies need to just withdraw from the “bubble” now. What an absolute JOKE this team is. The Memphis Grizzlies: underperforming and disappointing for 20 years.
  6. Glad to know my legacy has lived on in my absence. 😎
  7. Defense? You mean like the foul with 1 second on the clock that handed the game to San Antonio on a silver platter? 😂😂
  8. Next game? He’s trash. Never let him play in a Memphis jersey again. Period.
  9. DB should never play in a Grizzlies jersey again. What a JOKE of a “player.” Pure trash.
  10. I never wants to see DB in a Grizzlies jersey again.
  11. The Spurs literally giving Memphis every chance to win this.
  12. Oh ok, we’re good again, I’m chill
  13. Pop isn’t wearing his mask! Time for a fine and suspension!!