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  1. Larry picking up Hill is interesting. Hill is a fast combo guard. He has some value. Maybe that is the piece Larry is looking for in trying to make another run at OJ Mayo. George Hill is a good player that is used to playing for a winning organization, but he is no OJ Mayo in terms of potential. Not even close.
  2. I am honestly shocked he survived it. Lost for words. But with that being said statements like these from Stacey King who I imagine is somewhat close to Bulls's Front office gives light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. I have a source that says he has info that Bulls and Grizz are indeed in serious serious trade talks that haven't been leaked to the media. Bulls have actually been throwing out other names ( ala Monta Ellis ) to keep people away from what they are actually trying to do with is acquire the talented OJ Mayo with big times potentials. OJ is getting traded Thursday, and it is going to be for Kyle Korver and 1st. That's what is on the table right now. The only thing that can stop it right now is Larry Bird and David Kahn because they choose can give a better offer to Heisley. But OJ will be traded it is now a matter of what team between the Bulls, Pacers, and Twolves. OJ will not be a Grizzly come friday morning, i repeat OJ will not be a Grizzly come friday morning of this week. It is all because of Lionel Hollins refused to start him. Let we said since day 1 of the benching if you aren't going to start him his camp will force a trade. And finally that's what is looking like what is going to happen. OJ Mayo will never come off the bench again.
  4. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    It makes sense for both ball cluibs. Grizz get the 3 point shooter they desperately need. Bulls get that 2nd option scoring/playmaker they need to win a championship. With Rudy coming back there is no need for both Rudy and OJ. Their is only one basketball on the court at once.
  5. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    Sadly this was the mindset I thought Mayo and like you said any sane person would have before the Grizz solid post season run. Now with it, I can't tell if Mayo is sincere or not about wanting to comeback. Can't Heisley give him the Qualifying Offer that will pay him like 7 million a year??, so it extends Mayo's contract one more season then the year after Mayo becaomes a unrestricted free agent? But as you said that's in a utopian world, at the end of the day anyone that knows the neighborhood that OJ grew up in ( and most NBA players ) won't dare throw anyway millions of dollars to take a lesser role for the team. That's just keeping it real.
  6. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    This will ultimately be the tip breaker on how Heisley and Wallace handles the off season. If Hollins says he will start OJ or not this season. As we all saw in the playoffs EVERYONE plays defense, unlike the regular season. So guys who get by with solely hustling( Young, TA) weren't anywhere close as impactful, as they were in the regular season. Which made Hollins's trying to adjust. The Celtics didn't start Tony over Ray Allen, no need for the Grizzlies to start Tony over a rising young player in OJ Mayo. Tony isn't going to get better and won't take this team to the next level, OJ is the one with the superhigh ceiling and the ability to do so. I still want Tony to see about 25-30 minutes a game though since he is a top 5 perimeter defender in the league, and the only way to do that is going back to the old topic playing OJ at backup PG slot with the 2nd unit, while he starts at SG. That's the only way you can give OJ,TA, and Gay all big minutes.
  7. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    Stop it did you watch our playoffs this year? We have no reliable 3 point option on this team throwing names like Conley, Vasquez, and Battier ( current version) makes me laugh. It really is that simple. OJ was the only one that step up in that department shooting 41% 3pt, but he isn't a legit 3 point shooter as crazy as that sounds. He is playmaker, and scorer that has outside shooting ability. This team needs a legit pure shooter, that will stand in the corner and stroke it all day. And we need another big as you said, a very athletic big that plays great pick and roll defense. It is horrid watching Zach and Marc's slow feet being clueless in the pick and roll game. Need to get an athletic big that flashes hard on picks.
  8. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    With all our players like Marc Gasol, OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay with high trade values and Rudy and OJ being so young every trade scenario should be entertained this off season. Especially because packaging 2 out of 3 players and draft picks could land you a Chris Paul or Dwight Howard
  9. lilojmayo

    Unofficial Offseason Moves/Needs Thread

    totally agree totally agree. I would go one step further, not just making a decision on OJ start him or trade him. Since it is clear he is clearly more effecient, effective, better when he starts and sees 35+minutes. The other decison goes back to the old debate is Hollins's going to let OJ see some back up PG time, if OJ gets his PG skills to Hollins liking in the off season. That's really is going to be the only way that OJ can see 35 minutes a night, which he needs to be effective. The way OJ has proven he can guard explosive PGs, why not make it double the trouble and make the smaller PGs guard him in the pick and roll. Trust me it is must easier to shooter over a 6'1 PG then a 6'7 wingman. Tony needs to play about 25 minutes a night because he is a defensive specialist. Rudy Gay is Rudy Gay the franchise player he will be seeing 35 minutes a night also. If OJ plays 30 minutes as SG, Tony spilts OJ's time and Rudy's then OJ sees about 5-10 minutes as the backup PG. It will allow everyone to see PT time and most importantly shorten the rotation.
  10. lilojmayo

    Lorenzen Wright

    Who?? was he pre OJ Mayo era? I have honestly never heard of him.
  11. lilojmayo

    Grizzlies Vocabulary

    Next Kobe- Any Game OJ Mayo has a good game Baby Jesus- The name given to Marc Gasol at this years Rookie Challenge by Chris Webber, because marc looks like the sterotypical white jesus, but with short hair. Choking- blowing big leads, which we do often Cold-Blooded- see Rudy Gay and OJ Mayo in the clutch Adjustments- As the game progress teams should make changes to their style of attack, something we fail to do Ball Stopper- When Mike Conley dribbles around for 20 out of the 24 seconds on the shot clock We need a PG- Any Game (like most) that Mike Conley just doesn't get it done for us ala 4 points 2 assists. that being said what better way if we want to make a run at the playoffs we really should put Mayo at PG, or give him the ball more. As the signature says in Mayo we will trust.