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  1. Southern Dreadz

    R.I.P. to former Grizz Exec Tony Barone, Sr.

    Condolences to the Batine family
  2. Southern Dreadz

    Memphis Slim's Father Passed Away

    As someone whose loved one also transitioned I hope you peace of mind and advise to just remember and continue to enjoy those memories you have. They are more precious than gold!
  3. Southern Dreadz

    How is Chris Wallace surving all of this?

    Who of this list is even still in the league, let alone playing/contributing any significant minutes with a team? Carroll?
  4. Southern Dreadz

    Woj: Grizz make Gasol and Conley available

    O. MY. F&%#ING. GAAAWD. Are you Serious? As a fellow Skin's fan I tuned out once they brought in Mark "Mickey Flickey" Sanchez so I hadn't heard. That is very disheartening. I had already not paid much attention to the Griz this year and now I can skip 2019-2020 for both my NBA and NFL teams. I need a drink and maybe a smoke.
  5. Southern Dreadz

    Dillon Brooks out 6-8 weeks. Do we bring in anyone?

    For a team with a woeful draft history, Dillon is like a light at the end of the tunnel. He aint the second coming, that's for sure. Given the hamstring that is Chancun's contract, having someone playing above his contract is a Godsend. In an ideal world, Dillon is probably at best just part of 9-10 man rotation. Here he is like the fourth best on the roster.ūüė≥
  6. Southern Dreadz

    Grizzlies acquire Justin Holiday in trade

    Shaun was an awesome player prior to that horrific injury. He certainly never reached his potential but I don't think the comparison is quite the same.
  7. Southern Dreadz

    Grizzlies acquire Justin Holiday in trade

    Someone explain to CWallace what CWallace's plan is.
  8. Southern Dreadz

    Roster Moves

    Ironic that TA was the leading scorer on his college team. JS
  9. Southern Dreadz

    Roster Moves

    To your point, NO has done nothing to get the Brow any help. More to the point, in order for the JJJ era to really begin --or whatever star du jour -- the FO better make sure they get multiple guys. The will need at least two more bona fides to really compete while also doing everything possible to retain guys like Dillon AND continue to develop the potential everyone hopes he has. JJJ + two more young guns + Dillon and another guy of his ilk would just need a nice mix of solidish vets to make a decent contender. Rotate rooks who are hungry with the desire to work on improving then you can build something sustainable.
  10. Southern Dreadz

    Roster Moves

    Street sweeper v. sniper rifle Uzi v. M40
  11. Southern Dreadz

    Team Hero Grizz @ Spurs

    Th: Mike Hm: Rudy Gay ūüėā
  12. Southern Dreadz

    JJJ > Luka

    LOL Yea, I was thinking that might sound as if I was supporting your argument. ūüėÖ
  13. Southern Dreadz

    JJJ > Luka

    So I haven't been tuned in to start the, work, life, etc. etc. etc... Anyway, one thing that KG was notorious for doing which I always thought was a mitch-move was to block or attempt to block shots after the whistle blew. Essentially, he conveyed the point that he protected his goal and that nothing easy, even when the points didn't count anyway, was allowed to go up in or around his basket. THAT was an intensity that would never show up in the box score but effectively impacted the overall game. Thereby, his mere presence could impact shots/pts because opposing teams knew they always had to shoot over as well as his teammates on the perimeter could hound the ball on wings more with the assurance that the rim is covered.