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  1. Plop Plop Griz Griz


    Just made a new video on this topic. Check it out if you want a good breakdown on everything. And like and subscribe if you're a fan!
  2. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Nah...I lurk more than I post. Been a fan since 01 and on the boards since around 05.
  3. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

  4. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    Thanks! Make sure to subscribe to the channel if you're feeling generous (sub link here). Helps YouTube make my content more available for others to see it.
  5. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    I did a quick video about what Porter could bring to the team...background, strengths, weaknesses, Grizz plans for him, etc.
  6. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizz sign Anthony Tolliver to 10 day, waive Jordan Bell

    Another former teammate of Tyus and Dieng!
  7. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    New NBA YouTube Channel

    I wanted to let everyone know about a new NBA YouTube channel I've got. I started it about two weeks ago and am trying to upload something every couple days. I'm covering NBA news, trades, team analysis and whatever else I can think of. Since it's still new, I'm in the process of trying different things and seeing what works. All that being said...any likes, comments and channel subscriptions REALLY helps in getting my content to show up in YouTube's searches. The video below is my latest piece about the Raptors, and I think it's pretty fun (I did a Grizz vid last week too). So please check me out, and if you enjoy it drop me a like and a sub. Thanks!
  8. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies trading James Johnson for Gorgui Dieng

    I feel like this is a Tayshaun move because he played with Dieng a few seasons ago. He knows the type of player he is on and off the court. It was probably the same with Tyus too since Prince was also a teammate of his.
  9. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Jordan Bell to Memphis

    We love Ducks at the trade deadline. Dorsey was last year.
  10. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Justise Winslow to MEMPHIS

    I don't mind this move at all. The fans liked Johnson when he was here (neck tattoo night, anyone?). He's good for a few hard fouls, can produce equally as much as Hill, and fits more of a positional need. I wouldn't play him a ton, but it's nice to have that insurance. Sure, Waiters is goofy, but he can produce when given the minutes. Who knows now much he'll actually play, but I like how he fits with the offense. This upcoming free agent class doesn't blow my skirt up, so picking up some extra expiring contracts is fine with me. With a Melton extension (and maybe even one for Josh) payroll will be around $120 to 125 million which would be about equal to what we are now. We'll have about $50 in cap space for the 21/22 season. I'd go after Gobert.
  11. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Three reasons off the top of my head would be experience, position and contract length.
  12. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    Let's get the unlikely trade finalized first before we pencil in starting line-ups. ­čśÇ
  13. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    In this case it would probably be Capella to BOS, Iggy to HOU, and Smart to MEM. Boston has three first rounders this year and that's way too many for them. We'd probably get their pick (currently 26) or the Bucks pick they own (likely to be 30). Maybe add Grayson or Marko to BOS as well. Smart is owed two more years at about 12 million each. MEM Morant/Jones Brooks/Melton/Smart/Allen Crowder/Anderson/Hill/JoshJackson JarenJackson/Clarke Valan─Źi┼źnas/Caboclo
  14. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizz Acquire Iguodala, 1st Round Pick from GS

    It could be something where Capella goes to ATL, Iggy goes to HOU and Evan Turner goes to MEM. The Hawks also have future first round picks from Brookyln and OKC that could be used so Memphis gets the first round pick they're holding out for.
  15. Plop Plop Griz Griz

    Grizzlies to be buyers at the deadline?

    Danny Green is not having a great year for them and makes 15 million next season. Would Memphis or L.A. move him and Kuzma for Iggy and Memphis' Utah pick?