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  1. Once_a_hater

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    Right now rotation is MC/Mack Temple/Marshon SlowMo/Casspi 3Js/Jam Gasol/Noah Come to Playoffs will be MC/Mack Temple/Dillon/Mack SlowMo/Dillon/Casspi 3Js/Jam/Casspi Gasol/Noah If we made no deal
  2. Once_a_hater

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    I want to see JJJ playing the 5 today
  3. Once_a_hater

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Lakers - 12/8/18

    Terrible start, they need to stop their transition game and forcing 3s.
  4. Once_a_hater

    Team Hero @ NOLA 12/07/2018

    I know it is SlowMo and Jam, but I will say Noah just because he is the perfect fit here. Sign him longterm because as long Marc stays, Noah should stay too.
  5. Once_a_hater

    Roster Moves

    That is a solid deal, NY get Lin just for the sake of cleaning cap, also Lin has a story there, so he will put ppl on their seats continue their year o tank/rebuild and go with all for FA. Hawks trade a bad contract for a terrible one but they get a pick for it, they also replace Bazemore/Lin production with C Lee, that almost cover from what they produce, and if he dont, they wanna tank anyway We get a 3rd/4th option on the wing rotation in Bazemore and a starter/long term piece in Hardaway.
  6. Once_a_hater

    Roster Moves

    http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y98r7s75 We give Hawks a protected 1st, they want future picks and are in rebuild so its not that big of problemn to take Parsons salary, and give NY a couple of 2nds. NY free their salary cap to go after Durant and Kyrie, Hawks get Rabb and a pick for their rebuild. We get off Cancun dilemma and go for it, Bazemore contract is not good, but looks way better than Parsons'. Hardaway is the player we want in the deal, Hardaway/JJJ can be a good duo for 5-6 years. MC/Carter/Mack Hardaway/Bazemore/Marshon SlowMo/Dillon/Yuta JJJ/Jam/Casspi/DJ Gasol/Noah
  7. Once_a_hater

    Roster Moves

    Which player do you have in mind?
  8. Once_a_hater

    Roster Moves

    Im all in for getting Hardaway, just dont want give up MC, 3Js, Gasol, Jam, SlowMo, Dillon, Carter, Yuta or Noah. MC/Carter Hardaway/Dillon SlowMo/Yuta 3Js/Jam Gasol/Noah
  9. Once_a_hater

    Welcome Joakim Noah!

    I dont like Lebron either, so its all good
  10. Once_a_hater

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    I did not know about Thomas salary, so you probably right, only chance to get Hardaway is if we trade Temple + JaM for him and give up picks, I really dont know if I would do that
  11. Once_a_hater

    Welcome Joakim Noah!

    Feeling like Noah is here to stay
  12. Once_a_hater

    The Grizzlies should trade for John Wall

    But with this trade we didn't give up nothing more than picks and Temple
  13. Once_a_hater

    Memphis Grizzlies vs LA Clippers - 12/5/18

    Badly, I hope 3Js goes with a major game triple double if blocks if possible
  14. December is make or break for sure