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  1. Nice idea, maybe JV + Dillon, for the Wolves + the ability to swap pick with them too, if the exception has the same size as Klay contract. We soft tank, so we have a chance for 2 top picks.
  2. Same way for both sides, you guys already want him out. Like I said, I hope for healthy seasons and if he plays his best and in a definity role of the bench he should be kept to keep doing it for the right price.
  3. Are we done? I think we are.
  4. Tks, ppl is overreacting a lot. He is not Chancun, if we dont overpay him and we keep him as a major role player everything should be ok
  5. I agree that if Bane doesn't start then Allen for sure should be the guy, but if Porter doesn't starts so give Tillie a chance, Ja need shooting around him. Just like in the bubble, can anyone explain why Tolliver started over Clarke? If shooting is not the answer I really dont know.
  6. Shooting, the point it is to maxmize Ja game. Nonsense is if you dont understand that, Bane is like Dillon, so we get two Dillons out there. Porter is the closest we have to Jaren ability to space the floor.
  7. If he plays around 70 games in each of next season and he is there when things matter, if we make the Playoffs, Im ok with resigning his for the right price. He is like a better version of SlowMo, the problemn is if he will be healthy. Jaren, Dillon and Clarke are other young guys with some healthy issue, if you look Curry and other stars had also, the main question is how much you pay for those guys.
  8. I bet that everybody will change that narrative as soon ppl watch Winslow in a Grizzlies uniform. The main thing is to help him get healthy, dont overvalue him and dont overpay him. I think he is a excellent option as a role player in a championship team, special if he is a bench guy and backup the pg and sf positions.
  9. I think he plays more like a pf, something like Simmons with less handles. Right now he is probably in top 5, but dont know how his jumper will continue translate, he has potential.
  10. If he shooting the 3 ball well he is a better fit, so we should test him and Tillie in preseason, Porter probably gets the chance because he is around awhile. Clarke and SlowMo are better of the bench, because Ja need as much space as he can get.
  11. I have a idea how we could move up in the draft, we trade JV + SlowMo + Dillon for Kevin Love and the option to swap picks in 2020 with Cavs on the deadline that increases both ways or chance to get the top pick.
  12. Ja_Rules

    Moving the needle

    If he stays healthy Michael Porter Jr should be the FA target, he is RFA but maybe we make a huge offer and they let him go.
  13. Would be perfect, but maybe we trade multiple picks to move or we get super lucky and win the lottery. #2 and #12 would be incredible together. I believe can could be the sf of the future. Package any picks we can to move up or we finally get the Lucky like I said. Ja/Tyus/Konchar Bane/Dillon/Allen/Melton Cade/Winslow/SlowMo Jaren/Clarke/Porter JV/Tillman We win a title for sure before Ja goes for his 2nd contract.
  14. Since they are out, I expect the rotation to be: Ja/Tyus Bane/Allen/Melton Dillon/SlowMo Porter/Clarke JV/Tillman Can we carry more than 15 players to preseason? I would like to see some of Guduric, Hezonja and even Tillie in those games.