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  1. Ja_Rules

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    Dont know how much would cost but we should get in for him.
  2. Ja_Rules

    What Should We Do if We Luck Into The #1 Pick In 2020?

    I still like Wiseman a lot, but I like this kid as much as him. I know it is all up in air with the Corona Virus, but if we could get into the draft I would in order to draft this kid. Stay home as much as you can, or you are able to. Stay safe and god bless you all.
  3. He will bounce back, I expect us to have a ok road trip.
  4. Ja needs space, we should put as much shooters as we can to help him suceed on his drives, if we doesn't make it, the D always collapse on him.
  5. I put the blame on the rookie, but not the player. The coach once more make some bad rotations towards the end
  6. And that is totally on us, this game was a win that we make sure we didn’t get. Also this could hunt us late in the season. They were without Fournier, that should have been a win.
  7. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies sign Jontay Porter

    They probably didn't overpaid him and we already have 4 capable bigs. This is our FO thinking way ahead of time, 2021 season probably. By then we will have Dieng expired and JV with one year left in his contract. I dont believe he will be a major piece going forward, but he might be a 3-5th big on a rotation.
  8. Ja_Rules

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    Other things, JV was once more a monster among boys. And nice to see another solid effort by Josh, and even if he was cold from 3, he attacked the basket. He handles the ball well for a guy his size and has the transition type of offensive skillset that fits with our core guys.
  9. Ja_Rules

    Atlanta Hawks @ Memphis Grizzlies 3/7/20

    Its easy to be a Grizzlies fan nowadays. Ja is great man, if he realize that if his 3s become consistent and he make 3-4 a game / around . 40% of the time the floor will open for him, and with his athleticism and passing abilit, we will be talking about Mvp consideration
  10. I already said that, Josh is starting material. I hope to have the J squad as the starters: Ja/Josh/Justise/Jaren/Jonas
  11. At least the freaking Suns are winning against the Blazers. But Pels will probably win against the Heat.
  12. Ja need shooters around him. Without Jaren and Clarke, the starting lineup should be Ja/Dillon/Josh/Tolliver/JV Tuys/Melton/Konchar/SlowMo/Dieng should be the bench. But we can and must switch those lineups, if the other team give us fits. That happened tonight and TJ act like it didnt.