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  1. Iguodala to the Heat, bring in a 1st and Olynik
  2. I dont give up on DB, I just believe that we must have options so we can sit him when he is out control
  3. We came like that last game too, now look what we got. Pels were playing great lately, this is a direct confront that can hunt us later, now we probably will loose to the Celtics, better focus ourselves and get a W against Detroit
  4. They went to a big stage to soon, and showed lack of maturity. Dillon showed some of his worst, and tonight also showed why if we want to win and go to playoffs we should go after a Marcus Morris and a Bogdan Bogdanovic like I suggested.
  5. If we had played all the game like the 4th we could have won it, special the effort on D end.
  6. They should be embarrassed, could you imagine if Zion is playing?
  7. Yeah, I agree. I wish Zion would play in this game and Ja takes the spotlight for himself.
  8. Ja_Rules

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    If Oneal is getting 36m Dillon gets over 42 mil for sure. I think we should go for a little over the avarage contract that W Barton got, make it 3y/38 mil or 4y/51 mil, making the 3 year offer would be better for us, because he would expire next time at the same time as Ja and Clarke, is alwais important to have flexibility on those FAs.
  9. I think Dillon will continue to be the starter and Melton be the first guard of the bench being paired with Jones. That after all is probably the best fit for him, he is like a TA 2.0 and his energy is something that could change games for us.
  10. I actually believe that James Johnson could play as 3rd string Center on the deal you proposed before: Iguodala for Johnson + Jones Jr and if possible a pick In fact, I believe he could replace SlowMo as garbage time player, if he is healthy and back in shape. I would try then to go after Morris because we need a elite shooter and a plus defender on the forward position to go against the Superstars (Kawhi, George, Lebron and Giannis). The idea is to replace Solo with a better version of himself. Solo + Josh + two 2nds for Morris. I suggested going after Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Kings, but if we get Jones Jr, Im ok with it. Team would probably look like: Ja/Jones/Grayson Dillon/Melton/Grayson Crowder/Jones Jr/Grayson or Johnson Jaren/Morris/Johnson JV/Clarke/Johnson That is a solid 9 man rotation with Jones Jr, Grayson and Johnson only playing garbage time or if somebody gets hurt for a while. We would also have Guduric, Caboclo, SlowMo, Yuta and Konchar cheering for our guys in the bench. Ja/Jones/Melton Dillon/Melton/Crowder Crowder/Morris/Dillon Jaren/Morris/Clarke JV/Clarke/Jaren
  11. Ja_Rules


    We never now if the teams will or wont do the deals, but the Kings are on the process of loosing him for nothing, unless they can make a trade like the Bucks did with Brogdon. Allen is a young prospect and a former 1st round pick, he could replace Bogdan as their scoring of the bench, two 2nd round picks could give them some value and SlowMo is a great veteran to have around. We on the other hand get the sixthman type of player we miss on our bench and have a fair chance to keep him, because he is a RFA.
  12. Ja_Rules


    I believe we could get Bogdanovic for Allen + SlowMo + two 2nds, seems that Kings positioned themselves as sellers.
  13. This look like a loss.
  14. Better bring our best effort, last night was terrible. Pelicans is playing great right now.
  15. At best we make this next one, I dont see us winning against the Celtics,I wish we could, but our guys are losting their energy.