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  1. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I hope he surprise, ppl he used to say the same thing about Doncic, I know Doncic is way better, but he might surprise us and get a bigger role on the team than we expect.
  2. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    If we get Gordon in a Rockets trade I FO would strike again, he could be the starting sg. PS.: Then Yuta would probably stay as a 2way and Hannahs goes back to Hustle
  3. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I think everybody from that list should go, but they will probably keep Plumlee or Howard like you said. So trade Iggy to the Clippers or the Rockets (possible Rockets if the rumors are true), sign Yuta for a longterm deal, add Hannahs and Harvey to two ways contracts and go for training camp. I would love to have Noah back, but seems that wont happen. Roster Ja/Tyus/Melton/Hannahs* Dillon/Marko/Harvey*/Allen Caboclo/Josh/Yuta Jaren/Crowder/SlowMo JV/Clarke/Dwight We will probably have top 1st round pick in next years draft.
  4. This That is another one ppl say a lot. I hope so
  5. No, I dont think Jackson will be a Kawhi or even a Greek Freak type of player, but if he wants he can work hard and become a more skilled and perimeter version of big, I hope he still keeping diving and selling ppl on the pick and roll to working on easy post mismatches. Someone compared him to Lamar Odom, if he becomes a longer/bigger all around better version of Lamar he will be a superstar. That is why I like he is working with KG, he was a Center that wanted to be more a forward. And if we think about this way, in the end of his career Jaren might make the transition to the center position anyway.
  6. Seems that everybody is on the same page, I can say one thing if he devolops and become that type of forward we will have the American Freak. Its up to him and coaching staff.
  7. If so he must devolop his handles, passing and jumper.
  8. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies 2019-20 Rotation Predictions

    At the beginning of the season I see Dillon, SlowMo, Allen and JV playing less and allowing Josh to get some playing time, also he might start in Dillon place. If Iggy and Dwight stays they might get some playing early, but I dont expect them to stay, and I would love if Noah stays too, I prefer him than Dwight.
  9. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I prefer that Iggy goes to Houston or the Clippers, we cant move him to the Fakers and Lechoke.
  10. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies/NBA Free Agency Thread

    I would love if that is true, but till now no signs. I prefer him than Dwight and Plumlee.
  11. Ja_Rules

    Kyle vs Bruno

    I think it will end being Kyle, ppl forget that he impacts the game in several areas, and that Ja could use special in his rookie season a quality ball handler next to him. If Josh stays, he will fight with Dillon for the starting sg spot, so Crowder, Caboclo and Clarke will backup both fowards positions. I still want a better backup for JV and would love if Noah be that guy, maybe we already have that guy in Dwight, maybe not, but Im not confident that Plumlee can give us quality 10-18min a game. The backup pg is solved with Tyus and Melton and the backup sg is Melton/Dillon or Josh. Then we will have Allen, Guduric and Yuta fighting for playing time. Other vet, that like Noah, I would love have here is Iggy. Could be a mentor Josh and be a x factor in some games to come of the bench and change things defensively. Ja/Tyus/Melton Josh/Dillon SlowMo/Crowder/Iggy Jaren/Clarke/Cabloco JV/Noah This would be the main group, but we would play 9-10 players a game.
  12. Ja_Rules

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    Forgot about them. They made it?
  13. Ja_Rules

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    Kemba will be the main pg, but I bet MC will have a look too. In our case, I hope they invite Jaren, because that would allow him to recruit some ppl to join him here and also to devolop his game. Also would be great to see Jaren/Bagley duo and Jaren x JV on the World Cup. So we could possible have 5 players : Guduric, Yuta, Caboclo, JV and Jaren in the Cup if everything goes right.
  14. Im not saying that this will be lineup from day one, but by the end of the season or maybe the next offseason this could be the team Jenkins will propel from then on. I mentioned that about Josh, because Vernon said they may not keep him around and I did not found any info on him on Grizzlies acount on Twitter or Instagram. They just have a small report on the site.
  15. I have been watching a lot of Josh Jackson lately, I hope this kid stop with his madness and start to only play ball because he has so much potential. He may be the wing player we wanted and the one that could shorter our rebuild process. I know FO is giving signs that they wont keep him, but if they actually show him, that this could be his last chance, he might make a change. Dillon is other important player, he is in a contract year, if he wants to be something, its time to explode and become the 2 way player he can be. If everything goes well we might already have the starting 5 in place and in 3 years we might be going for the long run. Ja/Dillon/Josh/Clarke/Jaren