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  1. Ja_Rules

    Vegas Summer League roster

    Yuta seems a really simple and nice guy, I think he is really to a upgrade contract, give a 2way for other prospect.
  2. I agree, keep Iggy and Dwight, till we get a quality pick or young player.
  3. Ja_Rules

    Dwight to Memphis (sources say)

    I think he is trying to prove himself for a last contract/trying to chase a ring. We should keep him till the deadline, he might have value to a contender there.
  4. Its to soon for our kids, if they devolop they might get a chance to be mentioned with the top duos.
  5. Ja_Rules

    FIBA WC 2019, China

    Caboclo will go too, other than those two we may have Guduric and only. Lithunia might be the best team of the tournament PS.: Forgot about Yuta, he will go for sure
  6. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    Then I return to the point, would be great to have some veterans that could take Josh under their wings. If Iggy stayed he would be perfect for that.
  7. Ja_Rules

    Roster Moves

    I was making the list of our training camp, 20 players and it is a pretty solid group, I imagine that we solve Iggy situation soon, so... Ja/Tyus/Melton/Hannahs Dillon/Josh/Yuta/Harvey/Allen/Konchar SlowMo/Caboclo/Guduric/Hill Jaren/Crowder/Clarke JV/Plumlee/Dwight That will be a fun training camp, Jenkins will have a lot of job, and big decisions to make.
  8. Ja_Rules

    Tyler Harvey

    I think he got called up last year. But if he doesn't have just give him one. I dont care if he is 26, he has at least 6 years of good basketball in him. He will probably be cheap than the competition in his position, which makes him easier to move or waive if necessary. Even if he took 3 years to be a major contributor he will be in our window, and I bet he would impact winning games way before that period of time. We always needed those scoring specialists, and to add Harvey and Guduric, and maybe Hannahs, in the same year, would do wonders for our bench.
  9. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies get Josh Jackson from Suns

    That's why we have no news about him, he may be available for the training camp, the problemn is if he is gone be in shape or not.
  10. Ja_Rules

    Tyler Harvey

    I think Dillon is a little ahead of the curve and Konchar is not a shobter, but I wouldn't be surprised if Yuta get a chance there too. Harvey has sixthman writen all over him.
  11. Ja_Rules

    Tyler Harvey

    I am torn between who we should keep from the SL squad, Clarke is already a rotation guy and seems they will promote as they should Yuta to the team, I hope they resign him at least for 3 years, because the kid is good. They already signed Konchar to a two way and Hannahs deserve to keep his two way contract too. They signed Guduric to be a scoring sg/sf, but we cant have enought of those, so I would still offer a 2 year contract to Harvey and keep him instead of Hill. Seems they have no faith that Jackson will pay off, so him to be waived/traded just as Iggy. That is 3 spots open for Yuta, Harvey and Caboclo to stay a couple of years and be molded into role solid role players for our team. Ja/Tyus/Melton/Hannahs* Dillon/Yuta/Harvey/Allen/Konchar* SlowMo/Caboclo/Guduric Jaren/Crowder/Clarke JV/Plumlee
  12. That white hope is Yuta, your yellow hope, but I can become ok with Allen if he plays and dont back down when things gets mac out there. We loved TA and get kicked ppl in the face im his defense efforts. If Allen plays great D, shoots/scorers well and ever now and then he makes something stupid Im okay with it.
  13. Also Clarke doesnt stop, his motor is superstar like.
  14. Buchanan might take some time, but he can become a solid player too. I dont get why we have to keep Hill and Plumlee next year, I still hope we get Noah back, but I would give Hannahs a two way contract and keep Yuta long term. Move Iggy for picks and move Dwight for a pick or dump him. Seems they will give Konchar a year And Josh is out of the door, so keep Noah, because he is a big version of TA , some GnG motor in him. Roster Ja/Tyus/Melton/Hannahs* Dillon/Yuta/Guduric/Allen/Konchar* Jae/SlowMo Jaren/Clarke/Caboclo JV/Noah/Plumlee Rotation Ja(30)/Tyus(18)/SlowMo(18) Dillon(24)/Yuta(14)/Guduric(14) - Tyus(18) Jae(26)/SlowMo(18)/Yuta(14) - Guduric(14) - Dillon (24) Jaren(32)/Clarke(20)/Jae(26) - Caboclo(12) - SlowMo(18) JV(24)/Clarke(20) - Jaren(32)/Noah(8) () = minutes played - = or We will fight hard for the 8th spot but we will end short and wont make the Playoffs. We probably convey the pick. I wanna watch those guus for sure. Other than Guduric that I dont know much, I could some loos ingressos effort of a team with this kind of rotation.
  15. At least invite him to the camp, but Hill and Rabb cant make the final roster over him. At least he has a role on this team, we always needed some scorers of the bench