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  1. Ja_Rules

    So, on return, how will the minutes be divided

    Allen is a better shooter and more athletic than Konchar, when he gets hot he can be microwave type of player, give you a mini run by himself. Konchar is a glue guy, a way better defender, but since we have Josh and Melton to be those guys of the bench I prefer Allen than Konchar.
  2. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Im in favor of transforming Guduric, SlowMo and Dieng into pick(s) and shooter(s). Than add as much young talent we can and if possible a vet or 2 (depend on Melton and Josh as FA). Even if he produces, and I hope he does because he is a good player, I would move him like I said for a more volume shooter. I really like the idea to package those guys for Al Hortford that I suggested before.
  3. Ja_Rules

    Memphis Grizzlies players on twitter

    You talking about that?
  4. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    You draft him with the hope that he matures and make better decisions with the ball. We never really know if those kids will fully devolop their talent, but if you take a risk. Right now I would take that risk. I like Killian Hayes too, but he is a pg, and we already have Ja. A team like the Suns or Pistons should draft him. Like I already said, Im really high
  5. Ja_Rules

    Grizzlies Bubble Rotation. Discuss.

    I hope it will be a 11 man rotation, but with 9 players get the main minutes, Dieng, SlowMo and Allen play if it is necessary.
  6. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Do you realize that this is a star or even a superstar player right? If he stop to forcing some shoots (Jaden McDaniels and him have that problemn) and he start to give effort on D he will be really reall good. Or he will end as a James Harden.
  7. Ja_Rules

    3J workout video

    But if our guys fit well together than its all fine in the end. You always have to cover your player weakness with other strenghts, Justise Winslow ability to be a triple double threat and a defense stopper sure was the main reason FO wanted him. He and Dillon can cover some of Ja lack of defense and maybe Winslow and JV can cover Jaren as a rebounder. Getting a player wing to share with Ja the stardom of the team, probably still the best option, I quite see Jaren as a better version of Marc Gasol and Ja a way superior version of MC, but like we tried before, we still would miss a Oj or Rudy, a elite wing player. So we have our 3rd option, and our 1a or 1b, it is up to find the last piece.
  8. Ja_Rules

    ESPN Sophomore Rankings? Where's JJJ?

    I believe Jaren can be a solid 2nd option, if he proper devolops, but I agree with you that he will probably be a 3rd option, and to tell the truth, its probably for the best of the team. The league is all about guards and wings now, I know if you want to be a dinasty you must have at least a elite bigman, but let talk about win a title 1st, then we think about the second. We need a scorer, a closer to add to Ja/Jaren pair, and if necessary be a 1a or 1b with Ja. That why I am a intrigued with Anthony Edwards, he has some red flags and ppl have some major concern, but if him or Avidja fully devolop to their potentials, they can be that last piece we need (I like Aaron Nesmith as a complimentary 2nd option too). Having Ja is great, because open the door for us to add this last big piece, but althought I love what we have, we only be a major competitor if we get this other type of player, someone that have handles, can shoot and have the size/strenght to not be stop when the game is on the line, Im talking about Playoffs here, when things really matter. What Im saying is, we should go for a major move with the picks we have, or we trade take a risk for a young talent we believe (Edwards or Avidja trade) or take a risk and go for a proven player like (Beal). Most believe we should wait and we would have till Ja and Jaren hit their primes, but I disagree, I say, go for it as fast as you can. If the deal dont come, of course you can wait, but try to hit the home run if he is available.
  9. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I do agree Avidja might be the best fit if he fully devolops his game. Him, Nesmith, and I would take a risk on Anthony Edwards. But I like several players and rank some higher than most ppl do, like Cassius Stanley, Patrick Williams, Tyler Bey, Vernon Carey Jr and Reggie Perry. Tyler Bey and Cassius Stanley could be really good for us, and if someway they fall to 40th we should draft them.
  10. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    Maybe we could throw some picks and get Matisse Thybulle too, give them Jazz pick and one of our own 1sts instead of those 2nds and get 22nd, 34th and 36th too. Could you imagine our perimeter D with Melton, Dillon, Thybulle, Winslow and Bey. Ja/Tyus/Melton Dillon/Allen/Stanley Winslow/Thybulle/Bey Jaren/Clarke/Crowder JV/Hortford/Carey
  11. Could you imagine if we win the series agaisnt the Lakers and go all the way to the West Finals?
  12. Ja_Rules

    The NEW official 2020 Draft Thread

    I was thinking a way to get into the 1st round without giving up multiple 1sts, and I found a fairly good trade. Al Hortford didnt fit in 76ers, he is also getting really overpaid, so if we could get a deal to take Philadelphia off his contract we would be able to get into the 1st round. My proposal is: Guduric + SlowMo + Dieng + two 2nds for Hortford + pick (22nd) in 2020 draft. Players I like that might be available at 22 and/or 40: Patrick Williams, Tyler Bey, Stanley, Carey Jr and Perry. Sign Jae Crowder and Joe Harris in FA to add some shooting and veteran presence to our roster. Ja/Tyus/Melton Dillon/Harris/Allen Winslow/Crowder/Stanley Jaren/Clarke/Porter JV/Hortford/Carey PS.: Before ppl say Hortford has a monster contract, I know that, but his contract fit our timeline. He will expires just at the perfect time for us to resign Ja, Dillon and Clarke. Also all of our other guys have at least 3 years left in their contracts so if necessary we could stretch him in his last year to be able to sign everyone we want. We would add to our already young upcoming team roster with a mix of good veterans.
  13. Ja_Rules

    3J workout video

    C'mon Jaren is the 3rd or 2nd best player we have and he can become a star. I totally agree that it is a shame he didn't work on his body like he should, but I believe that its more about him wanting to be a shooter or play like a unicorn forward than a true bigman.
  14. Ja_Rules

    3J workout video

    Off course he has, and ppl better start to hope Jaren does that because we aint challenge Nola without him and Clarke devoloping to their full potential.