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  1. Seems that he definitily lost his minutes to Guduric, I hope Josh takes the minutes of both of those guys and then some.
  2. Ja_Rules

    Should We Re-SIgn D Brooks?

    Keep him, just dont overpay
  3. Ja_Rules

    2016 Draft Diamonds&Busts

    We should go after some top shooters to put around Ja. My wish list is: Bogdanovic Bertans Harris I think we can realistic get those 3 guys, we just need to go after Bertans with a trade in the deadline and get the other two via FA. We can even overpay if we give them at most 3 years in contract.
  4. That is just my selfish wish to watch Noah on Grizzlies uniform again, I luv his energy. He is like TA.
  5. Do you realize that two of our best players are masters on that area and that to have guys doubling om the post open a lot for Ja cuts and open 3s right?
  6. I want to see him too, but I wish we could move Iggy + Allen for a scorer 1st l, so he goes up with no pressure. Then sign Noah and go on a run for a Playoff spot. Talking about next game, I hope Jaren abuses Millsap like he did last year.
  7. Ja_Rules

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Dont change the name of this threadn it will never die.
  8. Ja_Rules

    Brandon Clark thread

    I want to win, but I kind hope we get a lottery pick in the next couple of drafts.
  9. Ja_Rules

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    Yeah he will, we have something good here, between Ja, Jaren, Clarke, Dillon and Josh we might have already have the starting 5. We just need 3&D guys and one capable wing scorer.
  10. Ja_Rules

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    You know what was talking about, stop the crazy stuff, Clarke is not a sg, never played as a sg and never will play as a sg and you know it. You know it, right?
  11. Ja_Rules

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    The pick I was talking about a 2nd round pick, but the point is, we might be a another scorer away from being a Playoff team.
  12. Ja_Rules

    Lets trade Ja for Cobey White.....

    Ja might give Grizzlies their 1st Christmas game!!!
  13. Ja_Rules

    Utah Jazz @ Memphis Grizzlies - 11/15/19

    Instead of sellers we might go after a last piece in the deadline for a Playoff push, its looking like we will have a fair chance to get the 7th or 8th seed. What scorer could we get from a Iggy + Allen + pick package? If we get a 6th man type of guy + bring Noah back home to be a bigman insurance, I trully think we can go as far as 7th seed