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  1. TheStephensonConundrum

    With The 4th Pick In The 2018 NBA Draft

    The James Harden comparisons are actually pretty good. He’s a pretty confident shooter and probably an even better playmaker. Also his ability to utilize the screen to generate buckets, whether he shoots it or from an assist. As someone that has had a back injury, MPJ should hopefully be fine. Back injuries are usually more bark than bite, and the pain could be recurring even if everything is structurally OK. I disagree with the assessment that Doncic can’t be the alpha dog on the team. Doncic is an offensive system on his own and his style can force modern defenses to play 4v5. He isn’t the most springy athlete, but he is definitely an NBA-caliber one (ala Jayson Tatum) with decent size, and he can play from 1-4. MPJ projects to be a scoring dynamo like Durant at his best, but his level of playmaking and ballhandling right now is basically unknown, with the injury delaying his development. Durant, with his so-so playmaking and as the sole A1 scorer lost to us in 2013. Not to disparage Porter’s game but I doubt he alone would be able to save the team back into relevance (for those who think Doncic is useless or underwhelming as a sole option). Everyone needs help. They both project to be decent to great defenders and I’ll be happy to get either. Now if there was only a way to get both of them, then we wouldn’t be having arguments, would we? EDIT: Is Grayson Allen available at the 32nd spot? Quite cuckoo in the head, great college scorer, and according to the Draft Combine times an elite athletic specimen. What do you guys think of him?
  2. TheStephensonConundrum

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Weird you compare Doncic to Harden and Curry. Don't you realize Doncic is basically the same height as LeBron and still growing?
  3. TheStephensonConundrum

    2018 NBA Draft Thread

    Ayton is beast, but Bagley is being compared to Kevin Garnett and Doncic to Manu Ginobili. Can't go wrong with any of the 3. I am concerned with the reports of Ayton being a diva though and he needs to develop a motor on defense. Michael Porter Jr. has to be a pass. Too risky with his back surgery history. Wish we sold Marc Gasol early and got an additional high draft pick.
  4. TheStephensonConundrum

    Gasol to Celtics? Naw. Right?

    Would honestly be OK with some multiple 2nd round picks, Jaylen Brown and Jae Crowder. Celtics have too many wings currently and Horford wants to play PF. I want to see Marc with a team that could contend now.
  5. TheStephensonConundrum

    TA sign and trade with Clips?

    I'm guessing Jerry West wants to pair Tony Allen with the offensively gifted yet defensively challenged Milos Teodosic off the bench. Sam Dekker would be pretty redundant after just signing Gallinari 3 years for $65 million. I could see them definitely doing this trade.
  6. TheStephensonConundrum

    Parsons Has A Partial Meniscus Tear, Likely Done For Season

    We could have traded for Danilo Gallinari during the offseason. He was also considered injury-prone and I remember people here on the boards being scared of him. Now he's been pretty solid and pretty healthy while Parsons hasn't. I guess we just drew the short stick. It was a calculated gamble and we failed.
  7. TheStephensonConundrum

    Miami Heat

    What in the world is up with the Miami Heat? They've been the best team in the NBA since mid-January. They're on pace to be one of the hottest bottom-half seeds in the history of the NBA playoffs. And they start Luke Babbitt. Also, calling out the pseudo-analysts who called Spoelstra overrated just because he coached (and won with) LeBron. I think this season validates his coaching, whether the make the playoffs or not. He got a team, where at least 80% are scrubs, playing at an elite level.
  8. TheStephensonConundrum

    Should Grizz Entertain Offers For Chandler Parson?

    Nah, Grizz have just been too inconsistent to be the 4th best team currently. Sure, we might have had a stretch where we played like a Top 3 team in the league, but we are currently 6th in the West and also with a losing record against the Eastern Conference. These are the cold hard facts. And you might as well say that the Celtics are fighting for the top spot in the East with that logic.
  9. TheStephensonConundrum

    Roster Moves

    BTW, Mirotic, Gallinari and Wilson Chandler also available, not that we have need or space for them (although I'd love Mirotic as a Grizzly and feel he's being marginalized in Bulls with their general dysfunction). Also let's hope Griffin gets traded East to the Celtics. They might get Jimmy Butler and/or Griffin. Hopefully both so we can see a really good Eastern Conference team go against LeBron. Raps already got their upgrade and hoping the Wizards steal one or more pieces from the West too.
  10. TheStephensonConundrum

    Roster Moves

    Because Okafor is younger, bigger and more athletic and we have a system that can utilize his talents (and cover his flaws) probably better than anyone else in the league, given our track record with ZBo. Also, he has a decent jumpshot and can put the ball on the floor. Heck, I'd even argue that he has a much more diverse offensive package than ZBo has.
  11. TheStephensonConundrum

    Should Grizz Entertain Offers For Chandler Parson?

    Fourth only if Parsons was back to his old level. I'd say Celtics, Wizards and Jazz are better (and younger). But at least we have the veteran guile to beat those team.
  12. TheStephensonConundrum

    How This Coup Affects The Grizzlies

    They actually also got Omri Casspi, who is a pretty decent shooter in a good offensive game plan. I guess Moore, Cunninghan and Hill are pretty passable wings as starters and solid off the bench. And NOLA has been playing top-notch defense lately too. They could definitely go sign Barnes for additional wing depth. And Jrue Holiday has silently put up a really good season. If Cousins could be his most mature self (and it's a big if), alongside Davis, I think the rest of the team would have so much space to do their own thing (and be better players). One of the things not talked about as much is Cousins' ability to make plays for his teammates.
  13. TheStephensonConundrum

    Roster Moves

    Late reply and probably useless at this point but I have to say Jam Green is superior to Serge Ibaka. Ibaka doesn't try on defense and he's a black hole on offense.
  14. TheStephensonConundrum

    Phoenix @ Memphis 02/08/17

    Chandler Parsons and Brandan Wright coming online after the all-star break would be a mega-boost for the Grizz.
  15. The Wizards scrubbed us out of one game too. We only beat them early when they were a bad team. Now, they are probably the 2nd strongest team in the East.